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Console Window

The Console Window is used to allow people to run commands and do things on your map that you normally would not be able to do through GalaxyEdit alone.


  • !! - Repeat the last command
  • bnetlogin - Log in to (using settings from preferences)
  • bnetlogout - Log out of
  • bnetstatus - Report current connection status
  • browse - Open the archive browser for viewing files in the game data archives
  • cachesize - Report current memory usage of cached editor data
  • cliffinfo - Toggle display of cliff information in the Terrain Editor status bar
  • dice (count = 1) (sides = 6) - Return a random value equivalent to rolling the given number of dice with the given number of sides
  • filecount (directory) - Count the total number of files contained within given directory on disk (recursive)
  • game - Invoke a game cheat command
    • List of Cheats coming soon
  • help - Display this list of commands
  • helpmods - Display the list of module codes for use with module-based commands
  • locale (locale code) - Change the editor locale
    • deDE - German (Germany)
    • enCN - English (China)
    • enGB - English (Great Britain)
    • enTW - English (Taiwan)
    • enUS - English (US)
    • esES - Spanish (Spain)
    • esMX - Spanish (Mexico)
    • frFR - French (France)
    • itIT - Italian (Italy)
    • jaJP - Japanese (Japan)
    • koKR - Korean (Korea)
    • plPL - Polish (Poland)
    • ptBR - Portuguese (Brazil)
    • ruRU - Russian (Russia)
    • zhCN - Chinese (China)
    • zhTW - Chinese (Taiwan)
  • memwin - Toggle display of the memory usage statistics window
  • multcam (field) (factor) - Multiply the camera field value by a factor for all selected cameras in the current map (use with no arguments for a list of field codes)
  • shake (amplitude) (frequency) (random factor) (duration) (direction = <x><y><z>) (position = <eye><target><both>) - Shake the Terrain Editor camera
  • spell (word) - Check if the given word is in the spell checker dictionary
  • spellsize - Report current memory usage of the spell checker
  • sysmem - Display system memory usage statistics
  • texuvget - Display the texture uv tiling values for the current terrain
  • texuvset (scalex) (scaley) (offsetx = 0) (offsety = 0) - Change the texture UV tiling values for the current terrain
  • undosize - Report current memory usage of undo information for the given module
  • varget (variable) - Display the current variable value
  • varlist - List all variables and their values
  • varset (variable) (value) - Set the current variable value
  • vartog (variable) - Toggle the variable on or off
  • vidmem - Display video memory usage statistics