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Alerts are notifications that can be generated by any effect. For a effect, assign an alert in the alert field. This will display an icon with text. Optionally can have tooltip, create a map ping at the point of the effect, and play a sound. Alerts appear on the left side of the screen by default.


Fields Description


  • Which Players this Alert is displayed for, in relation to the player who created the effect that generated this alert
  • Allies: Displays to the allies of the player who created the effect
  • Self: Displays to the player who created the effect
  • Enemies: Displays to the enemies of the player who created the effect
  • Observer: Displays to observer players
  • Neutral: Displays to neutral players
  • Other: Displays to those not in the above categories (replays I believe).


  • How long the alert remains on the screen

Fade Time

  • How long it takes for the alert to fade out once the duration has expired


  • Combined: Unknown
  • Hide: Hides the text and icon of the alert. The sound will still play.
  • Ping: The alert will display a ping at the point of the effect that created this alert


  • What Icon appears for the alert

Overlap Duration 0.0000

Overlap Global Count 0

Overlap Local Count 0

Overlap Local Radius 0

Peripheral Specialization Complete

Ping Color (255,255,255,0)

  • Color of the ping on the minimap

Ping Model

  • The ping model displayed on the minimap

Ping Time

  • Duration of the ping on the minimap

Primary Actions

  • Actions that occur when a player left clicks the alert

Queue Time 0.0000

Secondary Actions

  • Flash:
  • Select:
  • View:


  • Sound that plays


  • Text that this alert displays


  • Tooltip that is viewed by hovering the mouse over the alert


  • Voice that is used for the sound.