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Effects are one of the Data Types used when making custom abilities or weapons. Damage, picking the units to hit, adding behaviors, "interactions in general" between units are achieved through effects. Individual effect types are listed below and are linked to their own pages in which each field is explained in detail.


Not all effects directly do something. Some are for the purpose of executing other effects (Switch and Set are examples of this).

Common Fields

The following fields are ones found on most if not all effect types, and have the same functionality among them. This is to provide a common reference point for those shared fields as to not have conflicting definitions within each effect type

Effect - Chance

  • This field controls the probability the effect will be executed. Values range from 0 to 1. Normally we always want the effect to be executed so by default every effect has this set to 1.

Effect - Alert

  • The Alert that is run when this effect is run.

AI - AI Notify Flags

  • These flags are used by the Tactical AI to determine how to assess and react to this effect vs others occuring around it. It is also used to generate the danger maps that are used by the AI for navigation purposes (in order to avoid AoE attacks like Nukes).

Effect - Kill Hallucination

  • This flag, when enabled, will destroy any unit marked as a hallucination that is targeted by this effect (this will only work when the target is a unit, and not a point).

Effect - Response Flags

  • How a unit reacts to this effect being executed on it. Acquire will cause the targeted unit to acquire the caster unit if possible. Flee will cause the target unit to flee from the caster unit.

Effect - Validators

  • The set of validators that must return true for the effect to execute. Default is logical AND (all must be true to pass).

Target: Marker

  • Used by some effects and abilities to mark if the effect tree has already targeted that unit using the Unit Compare Marker Count validator, eg. the mutalisk glaive attack not being able to hit the same unit twice per use. Also can be used by Marker Target Sorts for target prioritisation.
  • The game is very fussy as to what effect trees can apply markers so using a stacking Buff behaviour with a caster history is preferable in most situations.

Tech Tree - Tech Aliases

  • Unused and unknown at this time.

Unit - Unit - Effect

  • Sets the effect that is used as the reference for targeting. By setting this, the caster will be the unit that initiates the effect chain while the source will be the unit that this effect came from. Can be used to refer to units utilized further back in an effect tree.

Unit - Unit - Target

  • The target of the effect. Not to be mistaken with the target of the ability/behavior/effect that leads to the execution of this effect. All of these are relative to the Effect: Unit - Effect
    • Target: The target of the ability or effect that caused this effect to be executed.
    • Caster: The unit that started the chain of effects that included this effect.
    • Source: The unit the current effect originates from, for example if a behavior is applied to some unit, and that behavior then uses another effect, the **Source** of the second effect will be the target unit of the behavior, and not the caster.
    • Outer: The unit that is the containing unit for the target. This is used in conjunction with effects that target units inside a unit with a transport, inventory or magazine (Iterate Transport, Iterate Inventory or Iterate Magazine) or with Redirect Abilities which allow the caster to be inside the hangar of a Transport, Inventory or Arm Magazine ability.
    • Unit Origin: The original unit which created this effect chain.

Target: Marker - Count

  • The number of markers added by this effect

Target: Marker - Link

  • The ID string allowing several effects to share the same pool of markers (used by Marker type Target Sorts)

Target: Marker - Match Flags

  • Determines how markers are shared
    • Casting Player: The marker is shared between all units of the same player
    • Casting Unit: The marker is shared only by effects from the same unit
    • Id: The marker is shared only by effects from the same effect tree
    • Link: The marker is shared only by effects with the same link

Target: Marker - Mismatch Flags

  • Determines how markers are not shared
    • Casting Player: The marker is not shared between all units of the same player
    • Casting Unit: The marker is not shared by effects from the same unit
    • Id: The marker is not shared by effects from the same effect tree
    • Link: The marker is not shared by effects with the same link

Effect: Sub Types (Classes)