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Data/Terrain Textures

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Terrain Textures


An individual terrain texture used by Terrain Types that is able to be painted on the map. Has fields determining the visuals and physical properties of the terrain.


  • The use of unique Physics Materials allows actors to be able to detect what individual terrain texture they are on

Example Usage

Agria Concrete

One of the eight textures used by the [Outdated] Agria (Jungle) terrain type


As the [Outdated] Agria (Jungle) terrain type is already in the editor, no URL is needed

Fields Description

Animation Rate

  • (Unknown)

Doodads - Model

  • Foliage type models from the Models data type added to terrain painted with this texture by the Generate Foliage function of the Terrain Editor

Doodads - Placement Radius

  • How far from the edge of the texture the foliage can spill over onto another terrain texture

Doodads - Probability

  • How likely a foliage model is to spawn at any tile on the terrain
  • Affects foliage density

Doodads - Random Rotation

  • If enabled randomly rotates the foliage models around the z axis

Editor Icon

  • Icon of the terrain shown in the terrain editor
  • Usually uses 64 x 64 pixel .dds files

Height Map

  • Texture used to give the terrain texture additional 3d detail
  • Uses the same format .dds files as the normal texture

Height Offset

  • Offsets the height texture from the other textures in the (?) Direction

Height Scale

  • Scales the Z deformation of the terrain caused by the height map
  • Has a saturation point

Normal Map

  • Normal map used to add fine 3d detail to the terrain
  • Uses .dds files

Physics Texture

  • The physics material from the Physics Materials data type used for determining how physics interact with the terrain
  • Can be used for specific terrain identification


  • The diffuse texture for the terrain
  • Uses .dds files