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Upgrades are modifications that apply to all units of a certain Unit Type.


  • If you only want to modify one unit, you should use behaviours.
  • Upgrades are possible to stack.
  • You can add Upgrades to a players tech-tree using triggers.
  • To manipulate a units damage you have to modify the weapon it is using, not the unit itself.

Example Usage

Upgrading with triggers

To apply an upgrade using triggers, use the action "Set Upgrade Level For Player". The Upgrade parameter will define which Upgrade will be applied. The level will define how many times the Upgrade will be stacked and the player is the player number. Most upgrades may only be stacked 1 time, but this value can be modified.

Fields Description

Editor - Web Priority

  • Unkown

Tech Tree - Tech Alias

  • Alias for the Upgrade that can be used to link multiple upgrade in a Requirement Node.

UI - Alert

  • Sound alert from the Alerts data type that occurs when the upgrade is complete.

UI - Icon

  • Icon for the upgrade in alert section.

UI - Tooltip Priority

  • Tooltip priority to determinate it's position in alert section

Upgrade - Affected Unit Array

  • An array with all the Unit Types which will be affected by this upgrade.
  • When an upgrade is applied, any units matching the unit types listed here will be notified that their upgrades have changed. This sends an Upgrade actor message.
  • To have your Upgrade actually affect game data, you need to configure the Upgrade: Effects fields.

Upgrade - Effects

  • An array of resources that should be manipulated when the Upgrade is applied to a players Tech-tree.
  • Data Reference: A list where the effects of the upgrade will be listed.
  • Data Type: The type of resource that should be manipulated. The types available for manipulation are:
  • Object: A list of all available resources that can be manipulated, of the type specified in the Data Type field.
  • Field: A list of all available resources that can be manipulated, of the type specified in the Data Type field.
  • Operation: The method of manipulating values.
  • Value: The new value that should be applied. The type of the value will depend on the resource data type.
  • Do not use multiplication or division as operation, even though they are options.

Upgrade - Flags

  • Cheat: When checked, the upgrade will be enabled while using the cheat IAmIronMan.
  • Tech Tree Cheat: When enabled, the upgrade will be enabled while using the cheat SoSayWeAll.

Upgrade - Max Level

  • The maximum number of times the upgrade can be stacked. The default value is 1.
  • The highest amount of levels should not be more then 100, even though it allows 255. It is buggy.

Upgrade - Name

  • Name of the upgrade

Upgrade - Race

  • Race to which the upgrade belongs to

Upgrade - Score Amount

  • Amount of score this upgrade gives

Upgrade - Score Count

  • Score category related to the Replay Upgrade tab.

Upgrade - Score Result

  • In which category of the ending Score Screen the upgrade will be shown. But practically, has no effect on custom upgrades/results different from Build Order.

Upgrade - Score Value

  • Score category related to the Score Screen tab.