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Validators are boolean conditions that can be applied to any effect. They are also used as conditions for autocasting abilities, as well as determine effect to execute in switch effects and for Actor Events. Validators control whether an effect runs based on the all the validators for the effect returning true.

Validators placed in the first effect of an ability (Like abilites of type Effect - Instant, or Effect - Target) are known as Root Validators. Validators normally will simply cause the effect to fail, but root validators will prevent the use of the ability instead of just failing to run the effect.

Common Fields

All the following fields are found in all validators

Ignore if Channeled

Flag to ignore the validator while channeling. This can apply to persistent effects and behaviors which can be channeled.

Result - Failure

The error message that is displayed when the validator fails as part of Root Validation.

Validators: Sub Types (Classes)