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SCost (Structure)[edit | edit source]

Type : Cost Read Access: Yes Write Access: Unknown

Information[edit | edit source]

This field is used for many subclasses. All resource, vitals costs can be defined here. In addition, this field type manages the system of charges and cooldowns.

SCost[edit | edit source]

SCost - Resource[] (int32) - Display[] (CFlags) - Vital[] (CFixed) - VitalFraction[] (CFixed) + Charge (SCharge)

  - CountMax (CFixed)
  - CountStart (CFixed)
  - CountUse (CFixed)
  - HideCount (flag)
  - Link (TChargeLink)
  - Location (EChargeLocation)
  - TimeStart (CGameTime)
  - TimeUse (CGameTime)

+ Cooldown (SCooldown)

  - Link (TCooldownLink)
  - Location (ECooldownLocation)
  - TimeStart (CGameTime)
  - TimeUse (CGameTime)

Types used[edit | edit source]