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List of Galaxy Natives[edit | edit source]
=Native Function Prototypes=
include "TriggerLibs/GameData/GameDataAllNatives.galaxy"


Contents[edit | edit source]

- About Types
- Common
- Achievements
- Actor
- Animation
- Bank
- Boards
- Camera
- Campaign
- Catalogs
- Cinematics
- Conversions
- Conversation
- Data Table
- Dialogs
- Environment
- Game
- Looping
- Markers
- Math
- Melee
- Minimap
- Misc
- Movie
- Objectives
- Orders
- Ping
- Planet
- Victory Panel
- Players
- Player Groups
- Points
- Portraits
- Preload
- Purchase Items
- Regions
- Sound
- Story Mode
- Strings
- Tech Tree
- Text Tags
- Timing
- Transmission
- Triggers
- Units
- Unit Filters
- Unit Groups
- Unit Reference
- Unit Selection
- User Interface
- Visibility


About Types[edit | edit source]

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Complex types and automatic deletion[edit | edit source]

Many native types represent "complex" objects (i.e. larger than 4 bytes). The script language
automatically keeps track of these objects and deletes them from memory when they are no longer
used (that is, when nothing in the script references them any longer). The types which benefit
from automatic deletion are:

abilcmd, bank, camerainfo, marker, order, playergroup, point,
region, soundlink, string, text, timer, transmissionsource, unitfilter, unitgroup, unitref,
waveinfo, wavetarget

Other object types must be explicitly destroyed with the appropriate native function when you
are done using them.

Complex types and equality[edit | edit source]

Normally, comparing two "complex" objects with the == or != operators will only compare the
object reference, not the contained object data. However, a few types will compare the contained
data instead. These types are:

abilcmd, point, string, unitfilter, unitref


Point(1, 2) == Point(1, 2) True
"test string" == "test string" True (note: this is case sensitive)
AbilityCommand("move", 0) == AbilityCommand("move", 0) True
Order(abilCmd) == Order(abilCmd) False (two different order instances)
RegionEmpty() == RegionEmpty() False (two different region instances)

Complex types and +/- operators[edit | edit source]

Besides numerical types (byte, int, fixed), a few complex types support + and/or - operators:

string, text + operator will concatenate the strings or text
point +/- operators will add or subtract the x and y components of the points


Common[edit | edit source]

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- Constants used in multiple sections

Alignment[edit | edit source]

const int c_alignLeft = 0;
const int c_alignTop = 0;
const int c_alignRight = 1;
const int c_alignBottom = 1;
const int c_alignCenter = 2;

Anchor[edit | edit source]

const int c_anchorTopLeft = 0;
const int c_anchorTop = 1;
const int c_anchorTopRight = 2;
const int c_anchorLeft = 3;
const int c_anchorCenter = 4;
const int c_anchorRight = 5;
const int c_anchorBottomLeft = 6;
const int c_anchorBottom = 7;
const int c_anchorBottomRight = 8;


Achievements[edit | edit source]

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native void AchievementAward (int player, string name); Blizzard maps only
native void AchievementErase (int player, string name); Blizzard maps only
native void AchievementPanelSetCategory (playergroup players, string name);
native void AchievementPanelSetVisible (playergroup players, bool visible);
native text AchievementPercentText (int player, string category); Blizzard maps only

native void AchievementTermQuantitySet (int player, string term, int quantity); Blizzard maps only

native void AchievementsDisable (int player);


Actor[edit | edit source]

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- Can send actor messages through API that is temporarily similar to the animation API.

Design Comments[edit | edit source]

- Trigger code is synchronous and actors are asynchronous. This means we can't have any
routines that return any results, since anything from the actor system is suspect.
This includes even the existence of actors themselves; an actor might only be created on
machines with good graphics cards, for instance.
- This also means collection classes are out, since we can't return a count that is guaranteed
to match. (Technically, we could still have them, but just not populate them via "query".
The value at this point is unfortunately low enough to not be worth the complexity.)
- We can return actors and scopes, but these will be opaque values that might even be NULL.
The client can do stuff with them, but won't be guaranteed to have them work. In other
words, the client always appears to get a valid object, but the user has no way of actually
knowing whether it was valid, except to look at the screen. Testing against null only
determines whether there has ever been an attempt to assign these values.

FAQ[edit | edit source]

Q01 Why do we not use scope names to get a hold of scopes?
A01 Scope names started as a debugging tool. We want to see if we can get by with that.
Until there's a super compelling need, we want to get by without exposing a whole new

Q02 Why does ::LastCreated only get set with new values if they are successfully created?
Won't this create subtle bugs where we send messages to the prior actor that was created,
b/c we are accidentally not creating a new one?
A02 Well, it might. But it's also a simply explained rule. No one will remember the
alternative, which is something like actors/scopes created by ActorCreate, and create
messages sent by the user. It also leads to simpler, less bug-prone C++ code on my end. :)

Q03 Why does ActorCreate have 3 content params? Is that many really necessary?
A03 It is exactly enough to create a beam with a custom model and two custom sites.
native actorscope ActorScopeCreate (string optionalCreateWithActorName);
native actorscope ActorScopeLastCreated ();
native actorscope ActorScopeLastCreatedSend ();
native actorscope ActorScopeFrom (string name);
native actorscope ActorScopeFromActor (actor a);
native actorscope ActorScopeFromUnit (unit u);
native actorscope ActorScopeFromPortrait (int p);
native text ActorScopeGetText (actorscope as);
native void ActorScopeKill (actorscope as);
native void ActorScopeOrphan (actorscope as);
native actor ActorScopeRefGet (actorscope as, string refName);
native void ActorScopeRefSet (actorscope as, string refName, actor aValue);
native void ActorScopeSend (actorscope as, string msg);
native actor ActorCreate (actorscope as, string actorName, string content1Name, string content2Name, string content3Name);
native actor ActorLastCreated ();
native actor ActorLastCreatedSend ();
native actor ActorFrom (string name);
native actor ActorFromActor (actor a, string name);
native actor ActorFromScope (actorscope as, string name);
native actor ActorFromDoodad (doodad d);
native actor ActorFromPortrait (int p);
native text ActorGetText (actor a);
native actor ActorRefGet (actor a, string refName);
native void ActorRefSet (actor a, string refName, actor aValue);
native void ActorSend (actor a, string msg);
native void ActorSendTo (actor a, string refName, string msg);
native void ActorLookAtStart (actor s, string lookAt, int weight, fixed time, actor t);
native void ActorLookAtStop (actor s, string lookAt, int weight, fixed time);
native void ActorLookAtTypeStart (actor s, string type, actor t);
native void ActorLookAtTypeStop (actor s, string type);
native void ActorTextureGroupApplyGlobal (string textureProps);
native void ActorTextureGroupRemoveGlobal (string textureProps);
native void ActorWorldParticleFXDestroy ();

native actor ActorRegionCreate (actorscope as, string actorName, region r);
native void ActorRegionSend (actor a, int intersect, string msg, string filters, string terms);

const int c_actorIntersectAgainstCenter = 0;
const int c_actorIntersectAgainstRadiusContact = 1;
const int c_actorIntersectAgainstRadiusGame = 2;
const int c_actorIntersectAgainstRadiusVisual = 3;

const int c_animTimeVariantAsAutomatic = 0;
const int c_animTimeVariantAsDuration = 1;
const int c_animTimeVariantAsTimeScale = 2;

const int c_animTransitionFlagInstant = (1 << 0);

const int c_animBracketStartFlagClosingFull = (1 << 0);
const int c_animBracketStartFlagContentNonLooping = (1 << 1);
const int c_animBracketStartFlagContentPlayOnce = (1 << 2);
const int c_animBracketStartFlagOpeningPlayForever = (1 << 3);
const int c_animBracketStartFlagInstant = (1 << 4);

const int c_animGroupApplyFlagClosingFull = (1 << 0);
const int c_animGroupApplyFlagInstant = (1 << 1);

const int c_animFlagFullMatch = (1 << 0);
const int c_animFlagPlayForever = (1 << 1);
const int c_animFlagNonLooping = (1 << 2);
const int c_animFlagAssetDrivenLooping = (1 << 3);
const int c_animFlagRandomStartOffset = (1 << 4);

const int c_actorRefSpaceGlobal = 1;
const int c_actorRefSpaceScope = 2;
const int c_actorRefSpaceActor = 3;

const int c_actorRequestScopeImplicit = 0;
const int c_actorRequestScopeCaster = 1;
const int c_actorRequestScopeEffect = 2;
const int c_actorRequestScopeMissile = 3;
const int c_actorRequestScopeOuter = 4;
const int c_actorRequestScopeSource = 5;
const int c_actorRequestScopeTarget = 6;

const int c_actorRequestActorImplicit = 0;
const int c_actorRequestActorCreate = 1;
const int c_actorRequestActorFind = 2;

const int c_textureVideoPlayFlagLooping = (1 << 0);
const int c_textureVideoPlayFlagSynced = (1 << 1);

const int c_physicsDisabled = 0;
const int e_physicsKeyframed = 1;
const int e_physicsSimulated = 2;

const int c_actorTransitionIn = 0;
const int c_actorTransitionOut = 1;

const int c_textureSlotComponentDefault = 0;
const int c_textureSlotComponentDiffuse = 1;
const int c_textureSlotComponentEmissive = 2;
const int c_textureSlotComponentNormal = 3;
const int c_textureSlotComponentSpecular = 4;

native string MakeMsgAnimBracketResume (
string animName,
int animTransitionFlags,
fixed timeVariant,
int timeType

native string MakeMsgAnimBracketStart (
string animName,
string propsOpening,
string propsContent,
string propsClosing,
int animBracketStartFlags,
fixed timeVariant,
int timeType

native string MakeMsgAnimBracketStop (
string animName,
int animTransitionFlags,
fixed timeVariant,
int timeType

native string MakeMsgAnimGroupApply (
string animGroup,
string atApply,
string atRemove,
int animGroupApplyFlags,
fixed timeVariant,
int timeType

native string MakeMsgAnimGroupRemove (
string animGroup,
int animTransitionFlags,
fixed timeVariant,
int timeType

native string MakeMsgAnimPlay (
string animName,
string animProps,
int animFlags,
fixed blendIn,
fixed blendOut,
fixed timeVariant,
int timeType

native string MakeMsgRefCreate (string refName);
native string MakeMsgRefSetFromRequest (
string refName,
string subject,
string effectName,
int requestScope,
int requestActor
native string MakeMsgRefTableDump (int space);
native string MakeMsgSetPhysicsState (int physicsState, fixed delayLow, fixed delayHigh);
native string MakeMsgTextureSelectByMatch (
string slotName,
int slotComponent,
string sourceSlotName,
int sourceSlotComponent
native string MakeMsgTextureSelectBySlot (
string slotName,
int slotComponent,
string textureExpression
native string MakeMsgTextureVideoPlay (
string slotName,
int slotComponent,
int fps,
int textureVideoPlayFlags,
int videoSoundType,
string attachQuery
native string MakeMsgTextureVideoStop (string slotName, int slotComponent);
native string MakeMsgTextureVideoSetFrame (string slotName, int slotComponent, int frame);
native string MakeMsgTextureVideoSetPaused (string slotName, int slotComponent, bool isPaused);
native string MakeMsgTextureVideoSetTime (string slotName, int slotComponent, fixed time);
native string MakeMsgTransition (int transitionType, fixed durationBase, fixed durationRange);

native string TextureGetSlotName (string textureLink);
native int TextureGetSlotComponent (string textureLink);

native doodad DoodadFromId (int id);


Animation[edit | edit source]

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const fixed c_animTimeDefault = -1;

const string c_animNameDefault = "Default";

native void ModelAnimationLoad (string modelPath, string animPath);
native void ModelAnimationUnload (string modelPath, string animPath);


Bank[edit | edit source]

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const int c_bankOptionSignature = 0;

const int c_bankTypeFixed = 0;
const int c_bankTypeFlag = 1;
const int c_bankTypeInt = 2;
const int c_bankTypeString = 3;
const int c_bankTypeUnit = 4;
const int c_bankTypePoint = 5;
const int c_bankTypeText = 6;

native void BankDeleteCampaignBanks (int player); Blizzard maps only
native bool BankExists (string name, int player);
native bank BankLastCreated ();
native bank BankLoad (string name, int player);
native string BankName (bank b);
native int BankPlayer (bank b);
native void BankRemove (bank b);
native void BankSave (bank b);
native bool BankVerify (bank b);

native bool BankOptionGet (bank b, int option);
native void BankOptionSet (bank b, int option, bool enable);

native int BankSectionCount (bank b);
native bool BankSectionExists (bank b, string section);
native string BankSectionName (bank b, int index);
native void BankSectionRemove (bank b, string section);

native int BankKeyCount (bank b, string section);
native bool BankKeyExists (bank b, string section, string key);
native string BankKeyName (bank b, string section, int index);
native void BankKeyRemove (bank b, string section, string key);

native bool BankValueIsType (bank b, string section, string key, int type);

native fixed BankValueGetAsFixed (bank b, string section, string key);
native void BankValueSetFromFixed (bank b, string section, string key, fixed value);

native bool BankValueGetAsFlag (bank b, string section, string key);
native void BankValueSetFromFlag (bank b, string section, string key, bool value);

native int BankValueGetAsInt (bank b, string section, string key);
native void BankValueSetFromInt (bank b, string section, string key, int value);

native point BankValueGetAsPoint (bank b, string section, string key);
native void BankValueSetFromPoint (bank b, string section, string key, point value);

native string BankValueGetAsString (bank b, string section, string key);
native void BankValueSetFromString (bank b, string section, string key, string value);

native text BankValueGetAsText (bank b, string section, string key);
native void BankValueSetFromText (bank b, string section, string key, text value);

native unit BankLastRestoredUnit ();
native unit BankValueGetAsUnit (bank b, string section, string key, int player, point p, fixed facing);
native void BankValueSetFromUnit (bank b, string section, string key, unit value);


Battle Report[edit | edit source]

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const int c_invalidBattleReportId = 0;

const int c_battleReportStateNormal = 0;
const int c_battleReportStateCompleted = 1;
const int c_battleReportStateHidden = 2;

const int c_battleReportTypeMission = 0;
const int c_battleReportTypeScene = 1;

native void BattleReportPanelSetSelectedBattleReport (playergroup players, int inBattleReport);
native int BattleReportPanelGetSelectedBattleReport (int inPlayer);

native int BattleReportCreate (playergroup inPlayerGroup, text inText, int inType, int inState);
native int BattleReportLastCreated ();
native void BattleReportDestroy (int inBattleReportId);

native void BattleReportSetState (int inBattleReportId, int inState);
native void BattleReportSetPriority (int inBattleReportId, int inPriority);
native void BattleReportSetButtonText (int inBattleReportId, text inText);
native void BattleReportSetButtonImage (int inBattleReportId, string inImage);

native void BattleReportSetMissionText (int inBattleReportId, text inText);
native void BattleReportSetResearchTitle (int inBattleReportId, text inText);
native void BattleReportSetResearchText (int inBattleReportId, text inText);
native void BattleReportSetBonusTitle (int inBattleReportId, text inText);
native void BattleReportSetBonusText (int inBattleReportId, text inText);
native void BattleReportSetWorldText (int inBattleReportId, text inText);
native void BattleReportSetObjectiveTitle (int inBattleReportId, text inText);
native void BattleReportSetObjectiveText (int inBattleReportId, text inText);
native void BattleReportSetAchievementTitle (int inBattleReportId, text inText);
native void BattleReportSetBestTimeText (int inBattleReportId, text inText);
native void BattleReportSetMissionImage (int inBattleReportId, string inImage);
native void BattleReportSetDifficultyLevelCompleted (int inBattleReportId, int inDifficultyLevel, bool inCompleted);
native void BattleReportSetDifficultyLevelBestTimeText (int inBattleReportId, int inDifficultyLevel, text inText);
native void BattleReportAddAchievement (int inBattleReportId, string inAchievement);
native void BattleReportSetSceneText (int inBattleReportId, text inText);
native void BattleReportSetSceneImage (int inBattleReportId, string inImage);
native void BattleReportSetShownInMissionTotal (int inBattleReportId, bool inShown);

Battle Report events[edit | edit source]

native void TriggerAddEventBattleReportPanelExit (trigger t, int inPlayer);
native void TriggerAddEventBattleReportPanelPlayMission (trigger t, int inPlayer);
native void TriggerAddEventBattleReportPanelPlayScene (trigger t, int inPlayer);
native void TriggerAddEventBattleReportPanelSelectionChanged (trigger t, int inPlayer);

native int EventBattleReportPanelMissionSelected ();
native int EventBattleReportPanelDifficultySelected ();
native int EventBattleReportPanelSceneSelected ();


Boards[edit | edit source]

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const int c_boardNone = 0;

native int BoardCreate (int inCols, int inRows, text inName, color inColor);
native int BoardLastCreated ();
native void BoardDestroy (int inBoard);

native void BoardShowAll (bool inShow, playergroup inPlayers);

Board position[edit | edit source]

native void BoardSetPosition (int inBoard, int inX, int inY);
native void BoardResetPosition (int inBoard);

Board title[edit | edit source]

const int c_boardColorText = 0;
const int c_boardColorBackground = 1;

const int c_boardIconPosLeft = 0;
const int c_boardIconPosRight = 1;

native void BoardTitleShow (int inBoard, playergroup inPlayers, bool inShow);
native void BoardTitleSetText (int inBoard, text inText);
native void BoardTitleSetColor (int inBoard, int inType, color inColor);
native void BoardTitleSetIcon (int inBoard, string inIcon);
native void BoardTitleSetAlignment (int inBoard, int inAlign, int inIconPos);
native void BoardTitleSetClickable (int inBoard, bool inClickable);

Board properties[edit | edit source]

native void BoardSetName (int inBoard, text inName, color inColor);

const int c_boardStateShowing = 0;
const int c_boardStateShowTitle = 1;
const int c_boardStateShowMinimize = 2;
const int c_boardStateMinimized = 3;
const int c_boardStateShowHeader = 4;
const int c_boardStateSorted = 5;

native void BoardSetState (int inBoard, playergroup inPlayers, int inState, bool inVal);

Board minimize button
native void BoardMinimizeShow (int inBoard, playergroup inPlayers, bool inShow);
native void BoardMinimizeEnable (int inBoard, playergroup inPlayers, bool inEnable);
native void BoardMinimizeSetState (int inBoard, playergroup inPlayers, bool inVal);
native void BoardMinimizeSetColor (int inBoard, color inColor);

Board columns and rows[edit | edit source]

native void BoardSetColumnCount (int inBoard, int inCols);
native void BoardSetRowCount (int inBoard, int inRows);

const fixed c_boardWidthAuto = 0; Automatically size the column to fit all items

native void BoardSetColumnWidth (int inBoard, int inCol, fixed inWidth);

Board row groups[edit | edit source]

native void BoardSetGroupCount (int inBoard, int inGroups);
native void BoardRowSetGroup (int inBoard, int inRow, int inGroup);

Board items[edit | edit source]

const int c_boardColGroups = -3; Use as column value to treat row value as group instead
const int c_boardItemAll = -2; Use as row or column value to modify all items
const int c_boardRowHeader = -1; Use as row value to access header items

native void BoardItemSetText (int inBoard, int inCol, int inRow, text inText);
native void BoardItemSetTextColor (int inBoard, int inCol, int inRow, color inColor);
native void BoardItemSetBackgroundColor (int inBoard, int inCol, int inRow, color inColor);
native void BoardItemSetIcon (int inBoard, int inCol, int inRow, string inIcon, bool inLeft);
native void BoardItemSetAlignment (int inBoard, int inCol, int inRow, int inAlign);
native void BoardItemSetFontSize (int inBoard, int inCol, int inRow, int inSize);
native void BoardItemSetSortValue (int inBoard, int inCol, int inRow, int inVal);

native void BoardItemSetProgressShow (int inBoard, int inCol, int inRow, bool inShow);
native void BoardItemSetProgressRange (int inBoard, int inCol, int inRow, fixed inMin, fixed inMax);
native void BoardItemSetProgressValue (int inBoard, int inCol, int inRow, fixed inVal);
native void BoardItemSetProgressColor (int inBoard, int inCol, int inRow, color inColor, int inStep);

Board sorting[edit | edit source]

Note: inPriority defines multi-column sorting behavior. If two items are identical, the next
sort priority is used (lowest priority value comes first). inPriority should range
from 1 to the number of columns.

native void BoardSort (int inBoard, int inCol, bool inAscending, int inPriority);

Automatic player column[edit | edit source]

Note: Once a player column has been added, the "row" values passed in to the functions above
should be the player id instead.

native void BoardSetPlayerColumn (int inBoard, int inCol, bool inGroupByTeams);
native void BoardPlayerAdd (int inBoard, int inPlayer);
native void BoardPlayerRemove (int inBoard, int inPlayer);


Camera[edit | edit source]

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const int c_cameraValueFieldOfView = 0;
const int c_cameraValueNearClip = 1;
const int c_cameraValueFarClip = 2;
const int c_cameraValueShadowClip = 3;
const int c_cameraValueDistance = 4;
const int c_cameraValuePitch = 5;
const int c_cameraValueYaw = 6;
const int c_cameraValueRoll = 7;
const int c_cameraValueHeightOffset = 8;
const int c_cameraValueDepthOfField = 9;
const int c_cameraValueFocalDepth = 10;
const int c_cameraValueFalloffStart = 11;
const int c_cameraValueFalloffEnd = 12;

const int c_cameraPositionEye = 0;
const int c_cameraPositionTarget = 1;
const int c_cameraPositionBoth = 2;

const int c_cameraDirectionX = 0;
const int c_cameraDirectionY = 1;
const int c_cameraDirectionZ = 2;
const int c_cameraDirectionXY = 3;
const int c_cameraDirectionXZ = 4;
const int c_cameraDirectionYZ = 5;
const int c_cameraDirectionXYZ = 6;

const int c_cameraRotationPitch = 0;
const int c_cameraRotationRoll = 1;
const int c_cameraRotationYaw = 2;

Camera Info[edit | edit source]

native camerainfo CameraInfoDefault ();
native camerainfo CameraInfoFromId (int id);

native void CameraInfoSetValue (camerainfo c, int type, fixed value);
native fixed CameraInfoGetValue (camerainfo c, int type);

native void CameraInfoSetTarget (camerainfo c, point p);
native point CameraInfoGetTarget (camerainfo c);

Player Camera[edit | edit source]

native void CameraApplyInfo (int player, camerainfo c, fixed duration, fixed velocity, fixed decelerate, bool useTarget);
native void CameraPan (int player, point p, fixed duration, fixed velocity, fixed decelerate, bool smart);
native void CameraSetValue (int player, int type, fixed value, fixed duration, fixed velocity, fixed decelerate);
native void CameraUseModel (int player, unit u, string name, fixed duration);

native void CameraForceMouseRelative (int player, bool value);
native void CameraLockInput (int player, bool lock);
native void CameraSetMouseRotates (int player, bool value);
native void CameraSetMouseRotationSpeed (int player, int direction, fixed value);
native void CameraSetVerticalFieldOfView (int player, bool value);
native void CameraUseHeightDisplacement (int player, bool value);
native void CameraUseHeightSmoothing (int player, bool value);

native void CameraSetChannel (int player, unit cameraUnit, string cameraName, int channel, fixed aspectRatio);
native void CameraClearChannel (int player, int channel);

native void CameraSetChannelOnPortrait (int player, camerainfo c, fixed aspectRatio, int portraitId, int channel);
native void CameraClearChannelOnPortrait (int player, int portraitId, int channel);

native void CameraShakeStart (
int player,
int position, c_cameraPosition*
int direction, c_cameraDirection*
fixed amplitude,
fixed frequency,
fixed randomPercent,
fixed duration
native void CameraShakeStop (int player);

- CameraSave saves the current camera settings for the given player,
which can later be restored using CameraRestore.

native void CameraSave (int player);
native void CameraRestore (int player, fixed duration, fixed velocity, fixed decelerate);

- CameraGetTarget returns the synchronized target for the given player

native point CameraGetTarget (int player);
native fixed CameraGetPitch (int player);
native fixed CameraGetYaw (int player);

Camera data used for default camera motion and parameters

native void CameraSetData (playergroup players, string cameraId);

Camera Bounds, optionally adjusting the minimap as well
Camera bounds can never extend beyond the playable map area

native void CameraSetBounds (playergroup players, region bounds, bool includeMinimap);

Force the camera to start/stop following a group of units

native void CameraFollowUnitGroup (int player, unitgroup group, bool follow, bool isOffset);

native void CameraLookAt (int player, point p, fixed duration, fixed velocity, fixed decelerate);

Make the camera look at an actor or unit, updating as it moves. Use null to stop looking.

native void CameraLookAtActor (int player, actor a);
native void CameraLookAtUnit (int player, unit u);

Camera movement events[edit | edit source]

const int c_cameraMoveReasonAny = -1;
const int c_cameraMoveReasonAlert = 0;
const int c_cameraMoveReasonIdleWorker = 1;
const int c_cameraMoveReasonKeyScroll = 2;
const int c_cameraMoveReasonMinimap = 3;
const int c_cameraMoveReasonMouseScroll = 4;
const int c_cameraMoveReasonSelection = 5;
const int c_cameraMoveReasonTown = 6;
const int c_cameraMoveReasonView = 7;
const int c_cameraMoveReasonZoom = 8;

native void TriggerAddEventCameraMove (trigger t, int player, int reason);
native int EventCameraMoveReason ();


Campaign[edit | edit source]

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Game initialization and configuration associated with standard campaign games
native void CampaignInitAI ();
native void CampaignProgressSetText (playergroup players, string campaignId, text inText); Blizzard maps only
native void CampaignProgressSetImageFilePath (playergroup players, string campaignId, string inFilePath); Blizzard maps only
native void CampaignProgressSetTutorialFinished (playergroup players, string campaignId, bool inFinished); Blizzard maps only
native void CampaignProgressSetCampaignFinished (playergroup players, string campaignId, bool inFinished); Blizzard maps only


Catalogs[edit | edit source]

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Note: The catalog entry table includes references to entries from other fields,
even if that entry is not actually defined. This means it is possible that
enumerating entries via CatalogEntryCount and CatalogEntryGet may return entries
that don't actually exist. Use CatalogEntryIsValid to check for this case.

native int AbilityClass (string ability);

native int CatalogEntryCount (int catalog);
native string CatalogEntryGet (int catalog, int index);

native bool CatalogEntryIsDefault (int catalog, string entry);
native bool CatalogEntryIsValid (int catalog, string entry);
native int CatalogEntryClass (int catalog, string entry);
native string CatalogEntryParent (int catalog, string entry);
native string CatalogEntryScope (int catalog, string entry);

native int CatalogFieldCount (string scope);
native string CatalogFieldGet (string scope, int index);
native bool CatalogFieldIsArray (string scope, string field);
native bool CatalogFieldIsScope (string scope, string field);
native string CatalogFieldType (string scope, string field);

native int CatalogFieldValueCount (int catalog, string entry, string fieldPath, int player);
native string CatalogFieldValueGet (int catalog, string entry, string fieldPath, int player);
native int CatalogFieldValueGetAsInt (int catalog, string entry, string fieldPath, int player);
native bool CatalogFieldValueSet (int catalog, string entry, string fieldPath, int player, string value);

Note: The LinkReplace API does not actually search & replace all catalog fields.
It saves the replacement in a separate table so that code setup to handle being replaced can
do the replacement where necessary.
native void CatalogLinkReplace (int player, int catalog, string idA, string idB);
native string CatalogLinkReplacement (int player, int catalog, string id);


native void CharacterSheetPanelSetNameText (playergroup players, text inText);
native void CharacterSheetPanelSetDescriptionText (playergroup players, text inText);
native void CharacterSheetPanelSetPortraitModelLink (playergroup players, string inModelLink);


native void CinematicMode (playergroup players, bool cinematicMode, fixed duration);

const int c_fadeStyleNormal = 0;
const int c_fadeStyleExponential = 1;
const int c_fadeStyleSine = 2;
const int c_fadeStyleSquareRoot = 3;

native void CinematicFade (
bool fadeIn,
fixed duration,
int style,
color inColor,
fixed transparency,
bool waitUntilDone

native void CinematicOverlay (
bool fadeIn,
fixed duration,
string imagePath,
fixed transparency,
bool waitUntilDone

native void CinematicDataRun (int id, playergroup players, bool waitUntilDone);
native void CinematicDataStop ();


Conversions[edit | edit source]

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native int BoolToInt (bool f);
native int Color255FromFixed (fixed f);

native fixed IntToFixed (int x);
native string IntToString (int x);
native text IntToText (int x);

const int c_fixedPrecisionAny = -1;

const int c_formatNumberStyleNormal = 0;
const int c_formatNumberStyleCurrency = 1;
const int c_formatNumberStylePercent = 2;

native int FixedToInt (fixed x);
native string FixedToString (fixed x, int precision);
native text FixedToText (fixed x, int precision);
native text FixedToTextAdvanced (fixed inNumber, int inStyle, bool inGroup, int inMinDigits, int inMaxDigits);

native int StringToInt (string x);
native fixed StringToFixed (string x);

Color[edit | edit source]

Note: Component values are in percent (0-100)

const int c_colorComponentRed = 0;
const int c_colorComponentGreen = 1;
const int c_colorComponentBlue = 2;
const int c_colorComponentAlpha = 3;

native color Color (fixed r, fixed g, fixed b);
native color ColorWithAlpha (fixed r, fixed g, fixed b, fixed a);
native color ColorFromIndex (int inIndex, int inType);
native fixed ColorGetComponent (color c, int component);

native text FormatNumber (int number);
native text FormatDuration (int seconds);


Conversations[edit | edit source]

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const int c_invalidConversationId = 0;
const int c_invalidReplyId = 0;

const int c_conversationReplyStateUnread = 0;
const int c_conversationReplyStateRead = 1;
const int c_conversationReplyStateOld = 2;

native int ConversationCreate (bool visible);
native int ConversationLastCreated ();
native void ConversationDestroy (int intId);
native void ConversationDestroyAll ();

native void ConversationShow (int intId, playergroup to, bool visible);
native bool ConversationVisible (int intId, int player);

native int ConversationReplyCreate (int intId, text inText);
native int ConversationReplyLastCreated ();
native void ConversationReplyDestroy (int intId, int replyId);
native void ConversationReplyDestroyAll (int intId);

native void ConversationReplySetText (int intId, int replyId, text inText);
native text ConversationReplyGetText (int intId, int replyId);

native void ConversationReplySetState (int intId, int replyId, int state);
native int ConversationReplyGetState (int intId, int replyId);

Conversation events[edit | edit source]

native void TriggerAddEventConversationReplySelected (trigger t, int player, int intId, int replyId);

native int EventConversation ();
native int EventConversationReply ();

native int ConversationReplyGetIndex (int intId, int replyId);

Data-driven conversations[edit | edit source]

Note: The stateIndex parameters specify the state id and the index id (if any), separated by "|".
ConversationDataStateIndex may be used to assemble the proper string for a given numerical
index in the state definition.

native int ConversationDataStateIndexCount (string inStateId);
native string ConversationDataStateIndex (string inStateId, int inIndex);

native text ConversationDataStateName (string stateIndex);
native text ConversationDataStateText (string stateIndex, string inInfoName);
native fixed ConversationDataStateFixedValue (string stateIndex, string inInfoName);
native string ConversationDataStateImagePath (string stateIndex);
native int ConversationDataStateImageEdge (string stateIndex);
native string ConversationDataStateAttachPoint (string stateIndex);
native string ConversationDataStateMoviePath (string stateIndex);
native string ConversationDataStateModel (string stateIndex, string inInfoName);
native string ConversationDataStateUpgrade (string stateIndex, string inInfoName);
native abilcmd ConversationDataStateAbilCmd (string stateIndex, string inInfoName);

native void ConversationDataRegisterCamera (string camIndex, string charIndex, camerainfo c, trigger t, bool wait);
native void ConversationDataRegisterUnit (string stateIndex, unit u);
native void ConversationDataRegisterPortrait (string stateIndex, int p);

native void ConversationDataStateSetValue (string stateIndex, int value);
native int ConversationDataStateGetValue (string stateIndex);

native int ConversationDataChoiceCount (string convId);
native string ConversationDataChoiceId (string convId, int index);
native void ConversationDataChoiceSetState (string convId, string choiceId, int state);
native int ConversationDataChoiceGetState (string convId, string choiceId);
native void ConversationDataChoiceSetPicked (string convId, string choiceId, bool picked);
native bool ConversationDataChoiceGetPicked (string convId, string choiceId);
native void ConversationDataChoiceSetPickedCount (string convId, string choiceId, int count);
native int ConversationDataChoiceGetPickedCount (string convId, string choiceId);

native int ConversationDataLineCount (string convId);
native string ConversationDataLineId (string convId, int index);
native void ConversationDataLineSetPickedCount (string convId, string lineId, int count);
native int ConversationDataLineGetPickedCount (string convId, string lineId);

State save/load via bank[edit | edit source]

- State values are the arbitrary integer values associated with state objects.

native void ConversationDataSaveStateValues (string stateId, bank b, string section);
native void ConversationDataLoadStateValues (string stateId, bank b, string section);

native void ConversationDataSaveStateValue (string stateIndex, bank b, string section);
native void ConversationDataLoadStateValue (string stateIndex, bank b, string section);

native void ConversationDataResetStateValues (string stateId);

- Node state is the read/unread and picked state associated with lines and choices (nodes)
within a given conversation.

native void ConversationDataSaveNodeState (string convId, bank b, string section);
native void ConversationDataLoadNodeState (string convId, bank b, string section);

native void ConversationDataResetNodeState (string convId);

ConversationDataPreloadLines preloads sounds for all lines that are available to run given
the current state.

native void ConversationDataPreloadLines (string convId);

ConversationDataCanRun returns true if the given conversation has any lines or choices available
to run given the current state.

native bool ConversationDataCanRun (string convId, bool unpickedOnly);

const int c_conversationSkipNone = 0; Skipping not allowed
const int c_conversationSkipSimple = 1; Skipping only allowed for all lines (esc key),
not individual lines (space bar, left click)
const int c_conversationSkipFull = 2; Skipping allowed for all lines or individual lines

native void ConversationDataRun (string convId, playergroup players, int skipType, bool waitUntilDone);
native void ConversationDataStop ();

native string ConversationDataActiveSound (); Sound id associated with the active line
native string ConversationDataActiveCamera (); Last camera state to be applied

Data Conversation events[edit | edit source]

native void TriggerAddEventConversationStateChanged (trigger t, string stateIndex);

native string EventConversationState ();


Data Table[edit | edit source]

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- Data tables provide named storage for any script type.
Table access may be either global or thread-local.

Types[edit | edit source]

const int c_dataTypeUnknown = -1;
const int c_dataTypeAbilCmd = 0;
const int c_dataTypeActor = 1;
const int c_dataTypeActorScope = 2;
const int c_dataTypeAIFilter = 3;
const int c_dataTypeBank = 4;
const int c_dataTypeBool = 5;
const int c_dataTypeByte = 6;
const int c_dataTypeCameraInfo = 7;
const int c_dataTypeCinematic = 8;
const int c_dataTypeColor = 9;
const int c_dataTypeControl = 10;
const int c_dataTypeConversation = 11;
const int c_dataTypeDialog = 12;
const int c_dataTypeDoodad = 13;
const int c_dataTypeFixed = 14;
const int c_dataTypeInt = 15;
const int c_dataTypeMarker = 16;
const int c_dataTypeObjective = 17;
const int c_dataTypeOrder = 18;
const int c_dataTypePing = 19;
const int c_dataTypePlanet = 20;
const int c_dataTypePlayerGroup = 21;
const int c_dataTypePoint = 22;
const int c_dataTypePortrait = 23;
const int c_dataTypeRegion = 24;
const int c_dataTypeReply = 25;
const int c_dataTypeRevealer = 26;
const int c_dataTypeSound = 27;
const int c_dataTypeSoundLink = 28;
const int c_dataTypeString = 29;
const int c_dataTypeText = 30;
const int c_dataTypeTimer = 31;
const int c_dataTypeTransmission = 32;
const int c_dataTypeTransmissionSource = 33;
const int c_dataTypeTrigger = 34;
const int c_dataTypeUnit = 35;
const int c_dataTypeUnitFilter = 36;
const int c_dataTypeUnitGroup = 37;
const int c_dataTypeUnitRef = 38;
const int c_dataTypeWave = 39;
const int c_dataTypeWaveInfo = 40;
const int c_dataTypeWaveTarget = 41;

General functionality[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableClear (bool global);
native int DataTableValueCount (bool global);
native string DataTableValueName (bool global, int index);
native bool DataTableValueExists (bool global, string name);
native int DataTableValueType (bool global, string name);
native void DataTableValueRemove (bool global, string name);

Type-specific value set/get[edit | edit source]

c_dataTypeAbilCmd[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetAbilCmd (bool global, string name, abilcmd val);
native abilcmd DataTableGetAbilCmd (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeActor[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetActor (bool global, string name, actor val);
native actor DataTableGetActor (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeActorScope[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetActorScope (bool global, string name, actorscope val);
native actorscope DataTableGetActorScope (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeAIFilter[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetAIFilter (bool global, string name, aifilter val);
native aifilter DataTableGetAIFilter (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeBank[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetBank (bool global, string name, bank val);
native bank DataTableGetBank (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeBool[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetBool (bool global, string name, bool val);
native bool DataTableGetBool (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeByte[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetByte (bool global, string name, byte val);
native byte DataTableGetByte (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeCameraInfo[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetCameraInfo (bool global, string name, camerainfo val);
native camerainfo DataTableGetCameraInfo (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeCinematic[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetCinematic (bool global, string name, int val);
native int DataTableGetCinematic (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeColor[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetColor (bool global, string name, color val);
native color DataTableGetColor (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeControl[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetControl (bool global, string name, int val);
native int DataTableGetControl (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeConversation[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetConversation (bool global, string name, int val);
native int DataTableGetConversation (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeDialog[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetDialog (bool global, string name, int val);
native int DataTableGetDialog (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeDoodad[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetDoodad (bool global, string name, doodad val);
native doodad DataTableGetDoodad (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeFixed[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetFixed (bool global, string name, fixed val);
native fixed DataTableGetFixed (bool global, string name);

=c_dataTypeInt[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetInt (bool global, string name, int val);
native int DataTableGetInt (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeMarker[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetMarker (bool global, string name, marker val);
native marker DataTableGetMarker (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeObjective[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetObjective (bool global, string name, int val);
native int DataTableGetObjective (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeOrder[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetOrder (bool global, string name, order val);
native order DataTableGetOrder (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypePing[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetPing (bool global, string name, int val);
native int DataTableGetPing (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypePlanet[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetPlanet (bool global, string name, int val);
native int DataTableGetPlanet (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypePlayerGroup[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetPlayerGroup (bool global, string name, playergroup val);
native playergroup DataTableGetPlayerGroup (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypePoint[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetPoint (bool global, string name, point val);
native point DataTableGetPoint (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypePortrait[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetPortrait (bool global, string name, int val);
native int DataTableGetPortrait (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeRegion[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetRegion (bool global, string name, region val);
native region DataTableGetRegion (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeReply[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetReply (bool global, string name, int val);
native int DataTableGetReply (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeRevealer[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetRevealer (bool global, string name, revealer val);
native revealer DataTableGetRevealer (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeSound[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetSound (bool global, string name, sound val);
native sound DataTableGetSound (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeSoundLink[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetSoundLink (bool global, string name, soundlink val);
native soundlink DataTableGetSoundLink (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeString[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetString (bool global, string name, string val);
native string DataTableGetString (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeText[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetText (bool global, string name, text val);
native text DataTableGetText (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeTimer[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetTimer (bool global, string name, timer val);
native timer DataTableGetTimer (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeTransmission[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetTransmission (bool global, string name, int val);
native int DataTableGetTransmission (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeTransmissionSource[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetTransmissionSource (bool global, string name, transmissionsource val);
native transmissionsource DataTableGetTransmissionSource (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeTrigger[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetTrigger (bool global, string name, trigger val);
native trigger DataTableGetTrigger (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeUnit[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetUnit (bool global, string name, unit val);
native unit DataTableGetUnit (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeUnitFilter[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetUnitFilter (bool global, string name, unitfilter val);
native unitfilter DataTableGetUnitFilter (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeUnitGroup[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetUnitGroup (bool global, string name, unitgroup val);
native unitgroup DataTableGetUnitGroup (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeUnitRef[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetUnitRef (bool global, string name, unitref val);
native unitref DataTableGetUnitRef (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeWave[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetWave (bool global, string name, wave val);
native wave DataTableGetWave (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeWaveInfo[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetWaveInfo (bool global, string name, waveinfo val);
native waveinfo DataTableGetWaveInfo (bool global, string name);

c_dataTypeWaveTarget[edit | edit source]

native void DataTableSetWaveTarget (bool global, string name, wavetarget val);
native wavetarget DataTableGetWaveTarget (bool global, string name);


Dialogs[edit | edit source]

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const int c_invalidDialogId = 0;

native int DialogCreate (
int width,
int height,
int anchor,
int offsetX,
int offsetY,
bool modal
native int DialogLastCreated ();
native void DialogDestroy (int dialog);
native void DialogDestroyAll ();

native void DialogSetSubtitlePositionOverride (int dialog);
native void DialogClearSubtitlePositionOverride ();

native void DialogSetTitle (int dialog, text title);
native void DialogSetSize (int dialog, int width, int height);
native void DialogSetPosition (int dialog, int anchor, int offsetX, int offsetY);
native void DialogSetPositionRelative (int dialog, int anchor, int relative, int relativeAnchor, int offsetX, int offsetY);
native void DialogSetPositionRelativeToUnit (int dialog, unit inUnit, string inAttachment, int offsetX, int offsetY);
native void DialogSetVisible (int dialog, playergroup players, bool isVisible);
native void DialogSetTransparency (int dialog, fixed inTransparency);
native void DialogSetImage (int dialog, string image);
native void DialogSetImageVisible (int dialog, bool isVisible);
native void DialogSetOffscreen (int dialog, bool isOffscreen);
native void DialogSetFullscreen (int dialog, bool isFullscreen);
native void DialogSetChannel (int dialog, int channel);

native bool DialogIsModal (int dialog);
native text DialogGetTitle (int dialog);
native int DialogGetWidth (int dialog);
native int DialogGetHeight (int dialog);
native int DialogGetAnchor (int dialog);
native int DialogGetRelativeDialog (int dialog);
native int DialogGetRelativeAnchor (int dialog);
native int DialogGetOffsetX (int dialog);
native int DialogGetOffsetY (int dialog);
native bool DialogIsVisible (int dialog, int player);
native fixed DialogGetTransparency (int dialog);
native string DialogGetImage (int dialog);
native bool DialogIsImageVisible (int dialog);
native bool DialogIsOffscreen (int dialog);
native bool DialogIsFullscreen (int dialog);
native int DialogGetChannel (int dialog);

Control types[edit | edit source]

const int c_triggerControlTypeInvalid = 0;
const int c_triggerControlTypeLabel = 1;
const int c_triggerControlTypeImage = 2;
const int c_triggerControlTypeButton = 3;
const int c_triggerControlTypeCheckBox = 4;
const int c_triggerControlTypeListBox = 5;
const int c_triggerControlTypePulldown = 6;
const int c_triggerControlTypeProgressBar = 7;
const int c_triggerControlTypeSlider = 8;
const int c_triggerControlTypeEditBox = 9;
const int c_triggerControlTypeFlash = 10;
const int c_triggerControlTypeAchievement = 11;
const int c_triggerControlTypePanel = 12;
const int c_triggerControlTypeMovie = 13;

Control properties[edit | edit source]

const int c_triggerControlPropertyInvalid = 0;
const int c_triggerControlPropertyText = 1; text
const int c_triggerControlPropertyStyle = 3; string
const int c_triggerControlPropertyImage = 4; string
const int c_triggerControlPropertyImageType = 5; int
const int c_triggerControlPropertyColor = 6; color
const int c_triggerControlPropertyChecked = 7; bool
const int c_triggerControlPropertyMinValue = 8; fixed
const int c_triggerControlPropertyMaxValue = 9; fixed
const int c_triggerControlPropertyValue = 10; fixed
const int c_triggerControlPropertyTooltip = 11; text
const int c_triggerControlPropertyVisible = 12; bool
const int c_triggerControlPropertyEnabled = 13; bool
const int c_triggerControlPropertyWidth = 14; int
const int c_triggerControlPropertyHeight = 15; int
const int c_triggerControlPropertyAnchor = 16; int
const int c_triggerControlPropertyRelative = 17; int
const int c_triggerControlPropertyRelativeAnchor = 18; int
const int c_triggerControlPropertyOffsetX = 19; int
const int c_triggerControlPropertyOffsetY = 20; int
const int c_triggerControlPropertyEditText = 21; string
const int c_triggerControlPropertyItemCount = 22; int
const int c_triggerControlPropertySelectionIndex = 23; int
const int c_triggerControlPropertyFile = 24; string
const int c_triggerControlPropertyOffscreen = 25; bool
const int c_triggerControlPropertyChannel = 26; int
const int c_triggerControlPropertyFullDialog = 27; bool
const int c_triggerControlPropertyTextWriteout = 28; bool
const int c_triggerControlPropertyTextWriteoutDuration = 29; fixed
const int c_triggerControlPropertyBlendMode = 30; int
const int c_triggerControlPropertyHoverImage = 31; string
const int c_triggerControlPropertyTiled = 32; bool
const int c_triggerControlPropertyRotation = 33; int
const int c_triggerControlPropertyAchievement = 34; string
const int c_triggerControlPropertyRenderPriority = 35; int
const int c_triggerControlPropertyClickOnDown = 36; bool
const int c_triggerControlPropertyDesaturated = 37; bool
const int c_triggerControlPropertyDesaturationColor = 38; color

Image types[edit | edit source]

const int c_triggerImageTypeNone = 0;
const int c_triggerImageTypeNormal = 1;
const int c_triggerImageTypeBorder = 2;
const int c_triggerImageTypeHorizontalBorder = 3;
const int c_triggerImageTypeEndCap = 4;

Blend Modes[edit | edit source]

const int c_triggerBlendModeNormal = 0;
const int c_triggerBlendModeMultiply = 1;
const int c_triggerBlendModeLighten = 2;
const int c_triggerBlendModeDarken = 3;
const int c_triggerBlendModeAdd = 4;
const int c_triggerBlendModeSubtract = 5;
const int c_triggerBlendModeAlpha = 6;

Item constants[edit | edit source]

const int c_invalidDialogControlId = 0;

const int c_dialogControlItemNone = -1;

Controls[edit | edit source]

native int DialogControlCreate (int dialog, int type);
native int DialogControlCreateInPanel (int panel, int type);
native int DialogControlCreateFromTemplate (int dialog, int type, string inTemplate);
native int DialogControlCreateInPanelFromTemplate (int panel, int type, string inTemplate);
native int DialogControlHookup (int panel, int type, string inTemplate);
native int DialogControlLastCreated ();
native void DialogControlDestroy (int control);
native void DialogControlDestroyAll (int dialog);

native void DialogControlSetSize (int control, playergroup players, int width, int height);
native void DialogControlSetPosition (int control, playergroup players, int anchor, int offsetX, int offsetY);
native void DialogControlSetPositionRelative (int control, playergroup players, int anchor, int relative, int relativeAnchor, int offsetX, int offsetY);
native void DialogControlSetVisible (int control, playergroup players, bool isVisible);
native void DialogControlSetEnabled (int control, playergroup players, bool isEnabled);
native void DialogControlSetFullDialog (int control, playergroup players, bool isFullDialog);
native void DialogControlFadeTransparency (int control, playergroup players, fixed fadeTime, fixed inTargetTransparency);

native int DialogControlGetDialog (int control);
native int DialogControlGetType (int control);
native int DialogControlGetWidth (int control, int player);
native int DialogControlGetHeight (int control, int player);
native int DialogControlGetAnchor (int control, int player);
native int DialogControlGetRelativeControl (int control, int player);
native int DialogControlGetRelativeAnchor (int control, int player);
native int DialogControlGetOffsetX (int control, int player);
native int DialogControlGetOffsetY (int control, int player);
native bool DialogControlIsVisible (int control, int player);
native bool DialogControlIsEnabled (int control, int player);
native bool DialogControlIsFullDialog (int control, int player);

native void DialogControlSetPropertyAsText (int control, int property, playergroup players, text value);
native void DialogControlSetPropertyAsString (int control, int property, playergroup players, string value);
native void DialogControlSetPropertyAsInt (int control, int property, playergroup players, int value);
native void DialogControlSetPropertyAsFixed (int control, int property, playergroup players, fixed value);
native void DialogControlSetPropertyAsBool (int control, int property, playergroup players, bool value);
native void DialogControlSetPropertyAsColor (int control, int property, playergroup players, color value);
native void DialogControlSetPropertyAsControl (int control, int property, playergroup players, int value);

native text DialogControlGetPropertyAsText (int control, int property, int player);
native string DialogControlGetPropertyAsString (int control, int property, int player);
native int DialogControlGetPropertyAsInt (int control, int property, int player);
native fixed DialogControlGetPropertyAsFixed (int control, int property, int player);
native bool DialogControlGetPropertyAsBool (int control, int property, int player);
native color DialogControlGetPropertyAsColor (int control, int property, int player);
native int DialogControlGetPropertyAsControl (int control, int property, int player);

native void DialogControlAddItem (int control, playergroup players, text value);
native void DialogControlRemoveItem (int control, playergroup players, int index);
native void DialogControlRemoveAllItems (int control, playergroup players);
native void DialogControlSelectItem (int control, playergroup players, int index);
native int DialogControlGetItemCount (int control, int player);
native int DialogControlGetSelectedItem (int control, int player);

native void DialogControlInvokeAsText (int control, playergroup players, string method, text param1, text param2, text param3, text param4); Blizzard maps only
native void DialogControlInvokeAsString (int control, playergroup players, string method, string param1, string param2, string param3, string param4); Blizzard maps only

Dialog events[edit | edit source]

const int c_dialogControlAny = -1;

const int c_triggerControlEventTypeAny = -1;
const int c_triggerControlEventTypeClick = 0;
const int c_triggerControlEventTypeChecked = 1;
const int c_triggerControlEventTypeValueChanged = 2;
const int c_triggerControlEventTypeSelectionChanged = 3;
const int c_triggerControlEventTypeSelectionDoubleClicked = 4;
const int c_triggerControlEventTypeTextChanged = 5;
const int c_triggerControlEventTypeMouseEnter = 6;
const int c_triggerControlEventTypeMouseExit = 7;

native void TriggerAddEventDialogControl (trigger t, int player, int control, int eventType);

native int EventDialogControl ();
native int EventDialogControlEventType ();


Environment[edit | edit source]

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Time Of Day[edit | edit source]

native string GameTimeOfDayGet ();
native void GameTimeOfDaySet (string x);
native fixed GameTimeOfDayGetLength (); Length of a day in game time seconds
native void GameTimeOfDaySetLength (fixed inSecs);
native void GameTimeOfDayPause (bool inPause);
native bool GameTimeOfDayIsPaused ();

Creep[edit | edit source]

native int CreepAdjacent (point inPos);
native bool CreepIsPresent (point inPos);
native void CreepModify (point inPos, fixed inRadius, bool inAdd, bool inPermanent);

const int c_creepSpeedGrowth = 0;
const int c_creepSpeedDecay = 1;
const int c_creepSpeedBlend = 2;

native void CreepSetSpeed (int inType, fixed inPercent);

Pathing[edit | edit source]

- Modifications made using PathingModify will only take effect after:
a) PathingUpdate is called
- OR -
b) The end of the game loop

- PathingReset resets *all* trigger-based modifications

const int c_pathingNoPathing = 0;
const int c_pathingNoBuilding = 1;
const int c_pathingGround = 2;

native void PathingModify (region inArea, int inType, bool inAdd);
native void PathingUpdate ();
native void PathingReset ();

Power[edit | edit source]

native int PowerLevel (int inPlayer, point inPos, string inLink);
native bool PowerIsProvidedBy (int inPlayer, point inPos, string inLink, unit inSource, int inMinLevel);

Height[edit | edit source]

native bool CrossCliff (point inFrom, point inDest);
native int CliffLevel (point inPos);
native fixed WorldHeight (int inType, point inPos); inType uses the c_heightMap<*> values

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

const int c_backgroundFixed = 0; Attached to camera position (never appears to move)
const int c_backgroundTerrain = 1; Attached to terrain (moves as camera scrolls)

native void GameSetLighting (string inId, fixed inBlendTime);
native void GameSetToDLighting (string inId);
native void SelectMainShadowLight (string inId);
native void GameSetBackground (int inType, string inModel, fixed inAnimSpeed);
native void GameDestroyEffects (point pos, fixed radius, int maxCount, string effectType);

native void TerrainShowRegion (region inArea, bool inShow);

const int c_wtcLinear = 0;
const int c_wtcSine = 1;
const int c_wtcExponential = 2;
const int c_wtcSquareRoot = 3;

First parameter is Water Template + Water State in one string, delimited by |
native void WaterSetState (string inWater, fixed inDuration, int inMorphType);

Fog[edit | edit source]

native void FogSetEnabled (bool f);
native void FogSetDensity (fixed d);
native void FogSetColor (color c);
native void FogSetFallOff (fixed f);
native void FogSetStartHeight (fixed h);

General environment visibility[edit | edit source]

const int c_environmentAll = 0; All of the below
const int c_environmentTerrain = 1;
const int c_environmentWater = 2;
const int c_environmentDoodads = 3;
const int c_environmentBackgroundFixed = 4;
const int c_environmentBackgroundTerrain = 5;

native void EnvironmentShow (int inType, bool inShow);


Game[edit | edit source]

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native bool ConsoleCommand (string inText, bool allowDefault, bool allowMacros);
native bool GameIsDebugOptionSet (string inOptionName, int player);

native void GameSaveCreate (text inName, text inDescription, string inImage, bool inAutomatic); Blizzard maps only

const int c_gameSpeedSlower = 0;
const int c_gameSpeedSlow = 1;
const int c_gameSpeedNormal = 2;
const int c_gameSpeedFast = 3;
const int c_gameSpeedFaster = 4;

const int c_gameCheatAny = -1;
const int c_gameCheatCooldown = 0;
const int c_gameCheatDefeat = 1;
const int c_gameCheatFastBuild = 2;
const int c_gameCheatFastHeal = 3;
const int c_gameCheatFood = 4;
const int c_gameCheatFree = 5;
const int c_gameCheatGimme = 6;
const int c_gameCheatGod = 7;
const int c_gameCheatMinerals = 8;
const int c_gameCheatNoDefeat = 9;
const int c_gameCheatNoVictory = 10;
const int c_gameCheatResourceCustom = 11;
const int c_gameCheatShowmap = 12;
const int c_gameCheatTechTree = 13;
const int c_gameCheatTerrazine = 14;
const int c_gameCheatTimeOfDay = 15;
const int c_gameCheatUpgrade = 16;
const int c_gameCheatVespene = 17;
const int c_gameCheatVictory = 18;
const int c_gameCheatProgress = 19;
const int c_gameCheatScene = 20;
const int c_gameCheatTV = 21;
const int c_gameCheatCredits = 22;
const int c_gameCheatResearch = 23;

const int c_gameCheatCategoryPublic = 0;
const int c_gameCheatCategoryDevelopment = 1;

native text GameMapName ();
native text GameMapDescription ();
native bool GameMapIsBlizzard ();

native void GameSetMissionTimePaused (bool inPaused);
native bool GameIsMissionTimePaused ();
native fixed GameGetMissionTime ();

native fixed GameGetSpeed ();
native void GameSetSpeedValue (int speed);
native int GameGetSpeedValue ();
native void GameSetSpeedValueMinimum (int speed);
native int GameGetSpeedValueMinimum ();
native void GameSetSpeedLocked (bool isLocked);
native bool GameIsSpeedLocked ();

native string GameAttributeGameValue (string name);
native string GameAttributePlayerValue (string name, int player);
native playergroup GameAttributePlayersForTeam (int team);

native void GameSetSeed (int value);
native void GameSetSeedLocked (bool locked);
native bool GameIsSeedLocked ();

native void GameSetAbsoluteTimeRemaining (fixed inTime);
native fixed GameGetAbsoluteTimeRemaining ();
native void GameSetAbsoluteTimeRemainingPaused (bool inPaused);
native bool GameGetAbsoluteTimeRemainingPaused ();

native void GamePauseAllCharges (bool inPaused);
native void GamePauseAllCooldowns (bool inPaused);

native void GameAddChargeRegen (string inCharge, fixed inVal);
native fixed GameGetChargeRegen (string inCharge);
native void GameAddChargeUsed (string inCharge, fixed inVal);
native fixed GameGetChargeUsed (string inCharge);

native void GameAddCooldown (string inCooldown, fixed inVal);
native fixed GameGetCooldown (string inCooldown);

native bool GameIsTestMap (bool inAuto);

native void GameSetNextMap (string inMap);
native void SetNextMissionDifficulty (playergroup inPlayerGroup, int inDifficultyLevel);
native bool GameIsTransitionMap ();
native void GameSetTransitionMap (string transitionMap);

native string GameTerrainSet ();
native void GameWaitForResourcesToComplete ();

const int c_gameOverVictory = 0;
const int c_gameOverDefeat = 1;
const int c_gameOverTie = 2;

native void GameOver (int player, int type, bool showDialog, bool showScore);
native void RestartGame (playergroup inPlayerGroup);

native void GameCheatAllow (int cheat, bool allow);
native bool GameCheatIsAllowed (int cheat);
native bool GameCheatsEnabled (int category);

Game Events[edit | edit source]

native void TriggerAddEventMapInit (trigger t);
native void TriggerAddEventSaveGame (trigger t);
native void TriggerAddEventSaveGameDone (trigger t);
native void TriggerAddEventChatMessage (trigger t, int player, string inText, bool exact);
native void TriggerAddEventCheatUsed (trigger t, int player, int inCheat);

native string EventChatMessage (bool matchedOnly);
native int EventCheatUsed ();


Looping[edit | edit source]

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Convenience functions to allow for loops without creating any local variables.
- The loop data is stored locally to the executing thread
- Nested loops (of the same type) are not supported, and will produce a run-time error


Integer[edit | edit source]

- Start and end are inclusive

native void IntLoopBegin (int start, int end);
native void IntLoopStep ();
native bool IntLoopDone ();
native int IntLoopCurrent ();
native void IntLoopEnd ();

Player group[edit | edit source]

native void PlayerGroupLoopBegin (playergroup g);
native void PlayerGroupLoopStep ();
native bool PlayerGroupLoopDone ();
native int PlayerGroupLoopCurrent ();
native void PlayerGroupLoopEnd ();

Unit group[edit | edit source]

native void UnitGroupLoopBegin (unitgroup g);
native void UnitGroupLoopStep ();
native bool UnitGroupLoopDone ();
native unit UnitGroupLoopCurrent ();
native void UnitGroupLoopEnd ();


Markers[edit | edit source]

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native marker Marker (string link);
native marker MarkerCastingPlayer (string link, int player);
native marker MarkerCastingUnit (string link, unit u);

native void MarkerSetCastingPlayer (marker m, int player);
native int MarkerGetCastingPlayer (marker m);

native void MarkerSetCastingUnit (marker m, unit u);
native unit MarkerGetCastingUnit (marker m);

native void MarkerSetMatchFlag (marker m, int flag, bool state);
native bool MarkerGetMatchFlag (marker m, int flag);

native void MarkerSetMismatchFlag (marker m, int flag, bool state);
native bool MarkerGetMismatchFlag (marker m, int flag);


Math[edit | edit source]

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General math[edit | edit source]

native fixed Floor (fixed x);
native fixed Ceiling (fixed x);
native fixed Trunc (fixed x);
native fixed Round (fixed x);
native fixed SquareRoot (fixed x);
native fixed Pow2 (fixed x);
native fixed Log2 (fixed x);
native fixed Pow (fixed x, fixed power);

native int FloorI (fixed x);
native int CeilingI (fixed x);
native int TruncI (fixed x);
native int RoundI (fixed x);
native int SquareRootI (fixed x);
native int Pow2I (fixed x);
native int Log2I (fixed x);
native int PowI (fixed x, fixed power);

native fixed ModF (fixed x, fixed m);
native fixed MinF (fixed x1, fixed x2);
native fixed MaxF (fixed x1, fixed x2);
native fixed AbsF (fixed x);

native int ModI (int x, int m);
native int MinI (int x1, int x2);
native int MaxI (int x1, int x2);
native int AbsI (int x);

Trigonometry[edit | edit source]

Note: All angles are in degrees
native fixed Sin (fixed degrees);
native fixed Cos (fixed degrees);
native fixed Tan (fixed degrees);
native fixed ASin (fixed x);
native fixed ACos (fixed x);
native fixed ATan (fixed x);
native fixed ATan2 (fixed y, fixed x);

Random[edit | edit source]

Note: Bounds are inclusive

native int RandomInt (int min, int max);
native fixed RandomFixed (fixed min, fixed max);
bool OneIn (int value) { return RandomInt(1, value) == 1; }


Melee[edit | edit source]

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Game initialization and configuration associated with standard melee games
native void MeleeInitResourcesForPlayer (int player, string race);
native void MeleeInitResources ();

native void MeleeInitUnitsForPlayer (int player, string race, point position);
native void MeleeInitUnits ();

native void MeleeInitAI ();

const int c_meleeOptionReveal = 0;
const int c_meleeOptionDefeat = 1;
const int c_meleeOptionVictory = 2;
const int c_meleeOptionStalemate = 3;
const int c_meleeOptionXPGainDisable = 4;

native void MeleeSetOption (int player, int option, bool value);
native bool MeleeGetOption (int player, int option);
native void MeleeInitOptions ();


Mercenary[edit | edit source]

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const int c_invalidMercenaryId = 0;

const int c_mercenaryStateEnabled = 0;
const int c_mercenaryStateDisabled = 1;
const int c_mercenaryStatePurchased = 2;
const int c_mercenaryStateHidden = 3;
const int c_mercenaryStateNew = 4;

native int MercenaryCreate (playergroup inPlayerGroup, int inState);
native int MercenaryLastCreated ();
native void MercenaryDestroy (int inMercenaryId);

native void MercenarySetPlayerGroup (int inMercenaryId, playergroup inPlayerGroup);
native void MercenarySetState (int inMercenaryId, int inState);
native void MercenarySetCost (int inMercenaryId, int inCost);
native void MercenarySetTitleText (int inMercenaryId, text inText);
native void MercenarySetDescriptionText (int inMercenaryId, text inText);
native void MercenarySetCostText (int inMercenaryId, text inText);
native void MercenarySetUnitText (int inMercenaryId, text inText);
native void MercenarySetAvailabilityText (int inMercenaryId, text inText);
native void MercenarySetSpecialText (int inMercenaryId, text inText);
native void MercenarySetTooltipText (int inMercenaryId, text inText);
native void MercenarySetModelLink (int inMercenaryId, string inModelLink);
native void MercenarySetScenePath (int inMercenaryId, string inFilePath);
native void MercenarySetImageFilePath (int inMercenaryId, string inFilePath);
native void MercenarySetRecentlyPurchased (int inMercenaryId, bool inRecent);
native void MercenaryPurchase (int inMercenaryId);

native bool MercenaryIsRecentlyPurchased (int inMercenaryId);

native void MercenarySetSelected (playergroup inPlayerGroup, int inMercenaryId);
native int MercenaryGetSelected (int player);
native void MercenaryPanelSetCloseButtonEnabled (playergroup players, bool inEnabled);
native void MercenaryPanelSetDismissButtonEnabled (playergroup players, bool inEnabled);

Mercenary events[edit | edit source]

native void TriggerAddEventMercenaryPanelExit (trigger t, int player);
native void TriggerAddEventMercenaryPanelPurchase (trigger t, int player);
native void TriggerAddEventMercenaryPanelSelectionChanged (trigger t, int player, int inMercenaryId);


Minimap[edit | edit source]

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native void MinimapPing (playergroup players, point position, fixed duration, color c);


Misc[edit | edit source]

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native void PerfTestStart (text name);
native void PerfTestStop ();
native void PerfTestGetFPS ();
native void UnitStatsStart (text name, text unitName, text unitFood);
native void UnitStatsStop ();
native void EngineReset ();


Movie[edit | edit source]

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native void MoviePlayAfterGame (playergroup players, string assetLink);
native void MovieStartRecording (string inName); Blizzard maps only
native void MovieStopRecording (); Blizzard maps only
native void MovieAddSubTitle (string title, int duration, int timeStamp); Blizzard maps only
native void MovieAddSubTitleText (text title, int duration, int timeStamp); Blizzard maps only
native void MovieAddTriggerFunction (string function, int timeStamp); Blizzard maps only

native void TriggerAddEventMovieStarted (trigger t, int player);
native void TriggerAddEventMovieFinished (trigger t, int player);
native void TriggerAddEventMovieFunction (trigger t, int player, string functionName);


Objectives[edit | edit source]

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const int c_invalidObjectiveId = 0;

const int c_primaryObjectivesId = 1;
const int c_secondaryObjectivesId = 2;

const int c_objectiveStateUnknown = -1;
const int c_objectiveStateHidden = 0;
const int c_objectiveStateActive = 1;
const int c_objectiveStateCompleted = 2;
const int c_objectiveStateFailed = 3;

native int ObjectiveCreate (text inName, text inDescription, int inState, bool inPrimary);
native int ObjectiveCreateForPlayers (text inName, text inDescription, int inState, bool inPrimary, playergroup inPlayers);

native int ObjectiveLastCreated ();
native void ObjectiveDestroy (int inObjective);
native void ObjectiveDestroyAll (playergroup inPlayers);

native void ObjectiveShow (int inObjective, playergroup inPlayers, bool inShow);
native bool ObjectiveVisible (int inObjective, int inPlayer);

native void ObjectiveSetName (int inObjective, text inName);
native text ObjectiveGetName (int inObjective);

native void ObjectiveSetDescription (int inObjective, text inText);
native text ObjectiveGetDescription (int inObjective);

native void ObjectiveSetState (int inObjective, int inState);
native int ObjectiveGetState (int inObjective);

native void ObjectiveSetPlayerGroup (int inObjective, playergroup inPlayers);
native playergroup ObjectiveGetPlayerGroup (int inObjective);

native void ObjectiveSetPrimary (int inObjective, bool inPrimary);
native bool ObjectiveGetPrimary (int inObjective);


Orders[edit | edit source]

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- Use a "null" abilcmd for "smart" orders (automatically determine ability based on target)
native abilcmd AbilityCommand (string inAbil, int inCmdIndex);
native string AbilityCommandGetAbility (abilcmd inAbilCmd);
native int AbilityCommandGetCommand (abilcmd inAbilCmd);

- Command "action" type, which can be used to determine if the command needs a target or not

const int c_cmdActionNone = 0;
const int c_cmdActionInstant = 1;
const int c_cmdActionTarget = 2;

native int AbilityCommandGetAction (abilcmd inAbilCmd);

native order Order (abilcmd inAbilCmd);
native order OrderTargetingPoint (abilcmd inAbilCmd, point inPoint);
native order OrderTargetingRelativePoint (abilcmd inAbilCmd, point inPoint);
native order OrderTargetingUnit (abilcmd inAbilCmd, unit inUnit);
native order OrderTargetingUnitGroup (abilcmd inAbilCmd, unitgroup inUnitGroup);
native order OrderTargetingItem (abilcmd inAbilCmd, unit inItem);
native order OrderSetAutoCast (abilcmd inAbilCmd, bool inAutoCastOn);

native void OrderSetAbilityCommand (order inOrder, abilcmd inAbilCmd);
native abilcmd OrderGetAbilityCommand (order inOrder);

native void OrderSetPlayer (order inOrder, int inPlayer);
native int OrderGetPlayer (order inOrder);

const int c_orderTargetNone = 0;
const int c_orderTargetPoint = 1;
const int c_orderTargetUnit = 2;
const int c_orderTargetItem = 3;

native int OrderGetTargetType (order inOrder);

native bool OrderSetTargetPlacement (order inOrder, point inPoint, unit inPlacer, string inType);
native void OrderSetTargetPoint (order inOrder, point inPoint);
native point OrderGetTargetPoint (order inOrder);
native point OrderGetTargetPosition (order inOrder); doesn't care what the target type is

native void OrderSetTargetUnit (order inOrder, unit inUnit);
native unit OrderGetTargetUnit (order inOrder);
native void OrderSetTargetPassenger (order inOrder, unit inUnit);

native void OrderSetTargetItem (order inOrder, unit inItem);
native unit OrderGetTargetItem (order inOrder);

native void OrderSetFlag (order inOrder, int inFlag, bool inValue);
native bool OrderGetFlag (order inOrder, int inFlag);


Ping[edit | edit source]

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const int c_invalidPingId = 0;

native int PingCreate (
playergroup players,
string modelLink,
point position,
color intColor,
fixed duration
native int PingLastCreated ();
native void PingDestroy (int p);
native void PingDestroyAll ();

native void PingSetPlayerGroup (int p, playergroup playerMask);
native playergroup PingGetPlayerGroup (int p);

native void PingSetModel (int p, string modelLink);

native void PingSetPosition (int p, point position);
native point PingGetPosition (int p);

native void PingSetScale (int p, fixed scale);
native fixed PingGetScale (int p);

native void PingSetRotation (int p, fixed rotation);
native fixed PingGetRotation (int p);

native void PingSetColor (int p, color intColor);
native color PingGetColor (int p);

native void PingSetDuration (int p, fixed duration);
native fixed PingGetDuration (int p);

native void PingSetUnit (int p, unit u);
native unit PingGetUnit (int p);

native void PingSetTooltip (int p, text tooltip);
native text PingGetTooltip (int p);

native void PingSetVisible (int p, bool isVisible);
native bool PingIsVisible (int p);


Planet[edit | edit source]

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const int c_invalidPlanetId = 0;

const int c_planetStateHidden = 0;
const int c_planetStateActive = 1;
const int c_planetStateEmphasized = 2;

const int c_planetPanelContactButtonStateDisabled = 0;
const int c_planetPanelContactButtonStateBlinking = 1;
const int c_planetPanelContactButtonStatePlay = 2;
const int c_planetPanelContactButtonStatePause = 3;

native int PlanetCreate (playergroup inPlayerGroup, int inState);
native int PlanetLastCreated ();

native void PlanetDestroy (int inPlanetId);
native void PlanetDestroyAll (playergroup inPlayerGroup);

native void PlanetSetSelected (playergroup inPlayerGroup, int inPlanetId);
native int PlanetGetSelected (int player);
native void PlanetClearSelected (playergroup inPlayerGroup);

native void PlanetSetPlayerGroup (int inPlanetId, playergroup inPlayerGroup);
native void PlanetSetState (int inPlanetId, int inState);
native void PlanetSetPlanetName (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetDescriptionText (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetTooltipText (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetContactTooltipText (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetTechnologyTooltipText (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetMissionTitle (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetMissionName (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetPrimaryObjectiveTitle (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetPrimaryObjectiveText (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetSecondaryObjectiveTitle (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetSecondaryObjectiveText (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetRewardTitle (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetRewardText (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetResearchTitle (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetResearchText (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetBonusTitle (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetBonusText (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetPlanetText (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetTechnologyTitle (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetTechnologyName (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetTechnologyText (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetContactTitle (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetContactName (int inPlanetId, text inText);
native void PlanetSetContactModelLink (int inPlanetId, string inContactModelLink);
native void PlanetSetBackgroundModelLink (int inPlanetId, string inBackgroundModelLink);
native void PlanetSetPlanetModelLink (int inPlanetId, string inPlanetModelLink);
native void PlanetSetTechnologyIconFilePath (int inPlanetId, string inTechnologyIconFilePath);
native void PlanetSetTechnologyUnitLink (int inPlanetId, string inUnitLink);

native void PlanetPanelSetContactButtonState (playergroup players, int inState);
native int PlanetPanelGetContactButtonState (int player);
native void PlanetPanelSetBackButtonEnabled (playergroup players, bool inEnabled);
native void PlanetPanelSetDismissButtonEnabled (playergroup players, bool inEnabled);
native void PlanetPanelSetBackButtonText (playergroup players, text inText);
native void PlanetPanelSetBackButtonShortcut (playergroup players, text inText);
native void PlanetPanelSetBackButtonTooltip (playergroup players, text inText);
native void PlanetPanelSetBackgroundImage (playergroup players, string inFilePath);

Planet events
native void TriggerAddEventPlanetMissionLaunched (trigger t, int player);
native void TriggerAddEventPlanetMissionSelected (trigger t, int player, int planetId);
native void TriggerAddEventPlanetPanelCanceled (trigger t, int player);
native void TriggerAddEventPlanetPanelReplayPressed (trigger t, int player);
native void TriggerAddEventPlanetPanelBirthComplete (trigger t, int player);
native void TriggerAddEventPlanetPanelDeathComplete (trigger t, int player);

native int EventPlanetPanelMissionSelected ();
native int EventPlanetPanelDifficultySelected ();


Victory Panel[edit | edit source]

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native void VictoryPanelSetVictoryText (text inText);
native void VictoryPanelSetMissionTitle (text inText);
native void VictoryPanelSetMissionText (text inText);
native void VictoryPanelSetMissionTimeTitle (text inText);
native void VictoryPanelSetMissionTimeText (text inText);
native void VictoryPanelSetRewardTitle (text inText);
native void VictoryPanelSetRewardText (text inText);
native void VictoryPanelSetRewardCredits (int inCredits);
native void VictoryPanelSetAchievementsTitle (text inText);
native void VictoryPanelSetStatisticsTitle (text inText);
native void VictoryPanelSetCustomStatisticText (text inText);
native void VictoryPanelSetCustomStatisticValue (text inText);
native void VictoryPanelSetPlanetModelLink (string inModelLink);
native void VictoryPanelSetBackgroundFilePath (string inFilePath);
native void VictoryPanelSetSummaryBackgroundFilePath (string inFilePath);
native void VictoryPanelAddCustomStatisticLine (text inText, text inValueText);
native void VictoryPanelClearCustomStatisticTable ();
native void VictoryPanelAddTrackedStatistic (string inStatistic);
native void VictoryPanelAddAchievement (string inAchievement);

native void TriggerAddEventVictoryPanelExit (trigger t, int player);
native void TriggerAddEventVictoryPanelPlayMissionAgain (trigger t, int player);

native int EventVictoryPanelDifficultySelected ();


Help[edit | edit source]

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const int c_helpPanelPageTips = 0;
const int c_helpPanelPageTutorials = 1;

native void HelpPanelAddTip (playergroup players, text titleText, text descriptionText, text alertText, string iconPath);
native void HelpPanelAddHint (playergroup players, text titleText, text descriptionText, string iconPath);
native void HelpPanelAddTutorial (playergroup players, text titleText, text descriptionText, string iconPath, string moviePath, bool flashing);
native void HelpPanelDisplayPage (playergroup players, int inPage);
native void HelpPanelEnableTechTreeButton (playergroup inPlayerGroup, bool inEnable);
native void HelpPanelEnableTechGlossaryButton (playergroup inPlayerGroup, bool inEnable);
native void HelpPanelShowTechTreeRace (playergroup inPlayerGroup, string inRace, bool inShow);
native void HelpPanelDestroyAllTips ();
native void HelpPanelDestroyAllTutorials ();

native void TipAlertPanelClear (playergroup inPlayerGroup);


Players[edit | edit source]

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const int c_playerAny = -1;
const int c_maxPlayers = 16;

Player properties[edit | edit source]

const int c_playerPropMinerals = 0;
const int c_playerPropVespene = 1;
const int c_playerPropTerrazine = 2;
const int c_playerPropCustom = 3;
const int c_playerPropSuppliesUsed = 4;
const int c_playerPropSuppliesMade = 5;
const int c_playerPropSuppliesLimit = 6;
const int c_playerPropCredits = 7;
const int c_playerPropCreditsSpent = 8;
const int c_playerPropResearchPoints = 9;
const int c_playerPropResearchPointsSpent = 10;
const int c_playerPropHandicap = 11;
const int c_playerPropMineralsCollected = 12;
const int c_playerPropVespeneCollected = 13;
const int c_playerPropTerrazineCollected = 14;
const int c_playerPropCustomCollected = 15;

Player property operations[edit | edit source]

const int c_playerPropOperSetTo = 0;
const int c_playerPropOperAdd = 1;
const int c_playerPropOperSubtract = 2;

native void PlayerModifyPropertyInt (int inPlayer, int inProp, int inOper, int inVal);
native void PlayerModifyPropertyFixed (int inPlayer, int inProp, int inOper, fixed inVal);

native int PlayerGetPropertyInt (int inPlayer, int inProp);
native fixed PlayerGetPropertyFixed (int inPlayer, int inProp);

Player status[edit | edit source]

const int c_playerStatusUnused = 0; No player in this slot
const int c_playerStatusActive = 1; Player is actively playing
const int c_playerStatusLeft = 2; Player has left the game

native int PlayerStatus (int inPlayer);
native int PlayerType (int inPlayer); Returns c_playerType<*> value
native text PlayerName (int inPlayer);
native string PlayerHandle (int inPlayer);
native string PlayerRace (int inPlayer);
native int PlayerDifficulty (int inPlayer);
native void PlayerSetDifficulty (int inPlayer, int inDifficulty);
native point PlayerStartLocation (int inPlayer);

native bool PlayerHasLicense (int inPlayer, int inLicense);

Player Licenses[edit | edit source]

const int c_playerLicenseLibertyFull = 162;

native void PlayerSetColorIndex (int inPlayer, int inIndex, bool inChangeUnits);
native int PlayerGetColorIndex (int inPlayer, bool inDefault);
native text PlayerColorName (int inColor);

native void PlayerSetAlliance (int inSourcePlayer, int inAllianceId, int inTargetPlayer, bool ally);
native bool PlayerGetAlliance (int inSourcePlayer, int inAllianceId, int inTargetPlayer);

Player states[edit | edit source]

const int c_playerStateShowScore = 0;
const int c_playerStateXPGain = 1;
const int c_playerStateAbortEnabled = 2;
const int c_playerStateRestartEnabled = 3;
const int c_playerStateContinueEnabled = 4;
const int c_playerStateShowWorldTip = 5;
const int c_playerStateFidgetingEnabled = 6;
const int c_playerStateDisplayInLeaderPanel = 7;
const int c_playerStateDisplayInViewMenu = 8;
const int c_playerStateChargesPaused = 9;
const int c_playerStateCooldownsPaused = 10;
const int c_playerStateMineralCostIgnored = 11;
const int c_playerStateVespeneCostIgnored = 12;
const int c_playerStateTerrazineCostIgnored = 13;
const int c_playerStateCustomCostIgnored = 14;
const int c_playerStateDisplayGameResult = 15;

native void PlayerSetState (int inPlayer, int inState, bool inVal);
native bool PlayerGetState (int inPlayer, int inState);

native void PlayerBeaconClearTarget (int inPlayer, int inBeacon);
native bool PlayerBeaconIsAutoCast (int inPlayer, int inBeacon);
native bool PlayerBeaconIsFromUser (int inPlayer, int inBeacon);
native bool PlayerBeaconIsSet (int inPlayer, int inBeacon);
native point PlayerBeaconGetTargetPoint (int inPlayer, int inBeacon);
native unit PlayerBeaconGetTargetUnit (int inPlayer, int inBeacon);
native void PlayerBeaconSetAutoCast (int inPlayer, int inBeacon, bool enable);
native void PlayerBeaconSetTargetPoint (int inPlayer, int inBeacon, point inPoint, bool alert);
native void PlayerBeaconSetTargetUnit (int inPlayer, int inBeacon, unit inUnit, bool alert);
native void PlayerBeaconAlert (int inPlayer, int inBeacon, string inAlert, text inMessage);

native void PlayerPauseAllCharges (int inPlayer, bool inPause);
native void PlayerPauseAllCooldowns (int inPlayer, bool inPause);

native void PlayerAddChargeRegen (int inPlayer, string inCharge, fixed inVal);
native fixed PlayerGetChargeRegen (int inPlayer, string inCharge);
native void PlayerAddChargeUsed (int inPlayer, string inCharge, fixed inVal);
native fixed PlayerGetChargeUsed (int inPlayer, string inCharge);

native void PlayerAddCooldown (int inPlayer, string inCooldown, fixed inVal);
native fixed PlayerGetCooldown (int inPlayer, string inCooldown);

native void PlayerCreateEffectPoint (int inPlayer, string inEffect, point inTarget);
native void PlayerCreateEffectUnit (int inPlayer, string inEffect, unit inTarget);
native int PlayerValidateEffectPoint (int inPlayer, string inEffect, point inTarget);
native int PlayerValidateEffectUnit (int inPlayer, string inEffect, unit inTarget);

Player scores[edit | edit source]

native void PlayerScoreValueEnableAll (int player, bool enable);
native void PlayerScoreValueEnable (int player, string value, bool enable);
native fixed PlayerScoreValueGetAsFixed (int player, string value);
native int PlayerScoreValueGetAsInt (int player, string value);
native void PlayerScoreValueSetFromFixed (int player, string value, fixed amount);
native void PlayerScoreValueSetFromInt (int player, string value, int amount);

Player events[edit | edit source]

const int c_gameResultUndecided = 0;
const int c_gameResultVictory = 1;
const int c_gameResultDefeat = 2;
const int c_gameResultTie = 3;

native void TriggerAddEventPlayerAllianceChange (trigger inTrigger, int player);
native void TriggerAddEventPlayerLeft (trigger inTrigger, int player, int inResult);
native void TriggerAddEventPlayerPropChange (trigger inTrigger, int player, int inProp);
native void TriggerAddEventPlayerAIWave (trigger inTrigger, int player);
native void TriggerAddEventPlayerEffectUsed (trigger t, int player, string inEffect);

Effect amounts[edit | edit source]

const int c_effectAmountAbsorbed = 0;
const int c_effectAmountDamaged = 1;
const int c_effectAmountDodged = 2;
const int c_effectAmountFound = 3;
const int c_effectAmountHealed = 4;
const int c_effectAmountKilled = 5;
const int c_effectAmountSplashed = 6;
const int c_effectAmountLifeChanged = 7;
const int c_effectAmountShieldsChanged = 8;
const int c_effectAmountEnergyChanged = 9;

native int EventPlayer ();
native int EventPlayerProperty ();
native int EventPlayerPropertyChangeInt ();
native fixed EventPlayerPropertyChangeFixed ();
native string EventPlayerEffectUsed ();
native point EventPlayerEffectUsedPoint (int inLocation);
native unit EventPlayerEffectUsedUnit (int inLocation);
native int EventPlayerEffectUsedUnitOwner (int inLocation);
native string EventPlayerEffectUsedUnitType (int inLocation);
native int EventPlayerEffectUsedAmountInt (int inAmount, bool total);
native fixed EventPlayerEffectUsedAmountFixed (int inAmount, bool total);

Difficulty info[edit | edit source]

native text DifficultyName (int inDifficulty);
native text DifficultyNameCampaign (int inDifficulty);
native bool DifficultyEnabled (int inDifficulty);
native int DifficultyAPM (int inDifficulty); AI Actions Per Minute


Player Groups[edit | edit source]

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native playergroup PlayerGroupEmpty ();
native playergroup PlayerGroupCopy (playergroup inGroup);
native playergroup PlayerGroupAll ();
native playergroup PlayerGroupActive ();
native playergroup PlayerGroupSingle (int inPlayer);

const int c_playerGroupAlly = 0; Allied players of the given player
const int c_playerGroupEnemy = 1; Enemy players of the given player
const int c_playerGroupAny = 2; Any player.

native playergroup PlayerGroupAlliance (int inType, int inPlayer);

native void PlayerGroupClear (playergroup inGroup);
native void PlayerGroupAdd (playergroup inGroup, int inPlayer);
native void PlayerGroupRemove (playergroup inGroup, int inPlayer);

native int PlayerGroupCount (playergroup inGroup);
native int PlayerGroupPlayer (playergroup inGroup, int inIndex);
native bool PlayerGroupHasPlayer (playergroup inGroup, int inPlayer);


Points[edit | edit source]

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native point Point (fixed x, fixed y);
native point PointWithOffset (point p, fixed x, fixed y);
native point PointWithOffsetPolar (point p, fixed distance, fixed angle);
native point PointFromId (int id);

native fixed PointGetX (point p);
native fixed PointGetY (point p);
native void PointSet (point p1, point p2);

native fixed PointGetFacing (point p);
native void PointSetFacing (point p, fixed inFacing);

native fixed PointGetHeight (point p);
native void PointSetHeight (point p, fixed inHeight);

native bool PointsInRange (point p1, point p2, fixed range);

native fixed AngleBetweenPoints (point p1, point p2);
native fixed DistanceBetweenPoints (point p1, point p2);

native int PointPathingCost (point p1, point p2);
native fixed PointPathingCliffLevel (point p);
native bool PointPathingPassable (point p);
native bool PointPathingIsConnected (point p1, point p2);
native point PointReflect (point source, point dest, fixed angle);


Portrait[edit | edit source]

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const int c_noPortraitChannel = -1;
const int c_invalidPortraitId = 0;

These need to match the ERenderType enum in CFrame.h
const int c_portraitRenderTypeHDR = 0;
const int c_portraitRenderTypeLDR = 1;

native int PortraitCreate (
int offsetX,
int offsetY,
int anchor,
int width,
int height,
string modelLink,
string cameraLink,
string animProps,
bool visible,
bool waitUntilLoaded
native int PortraitLastCreated ();
native void PortraitDestroy (int p);
native void PortraitDestroyAll ();
native void PortraitWaitForLoad (int p);

native int PortraitGetGame ();
native int PortraitGetPlanetPanel ();
native void PortraitSetModel (int p, string modelLink, bool waitUntilLoaded);
native void PortraitSetModelAnim (int p, string modelLink, string anim, int flags, bool waitUntilLoaded);
native void PortraitSetAnim (int p, string anim);
native void PortraitSetCamera (int p, string cameraName);
native void PortraitSetSize (int p, int width, int height);
native void PortraitSetPosition (int p, int anchor, int offsetX, int offsetY);
native void PortraitSetFullscreen (int p, bool isFullscreen);
native void PortraitSetOffscreen (int p, bool isOffscreen);
native void PortraitSetVisible (int p, playergroup players, bool isVisible, bool forceVisible);
native void PortraitSetBorderVisible (int p, bool isBorderVisible);
native void PortraitSetBorderTexture (int p, string inBorderFilePath);
native void PortraitSetBackgroundVisible (int p, bool isBackgroundVisible);
native void PortraitSetChannel (int p, int channel);
native void PortraitSetChannelPortrait (int p, int dest, int channel);
native void PortraitUseTransition (int p, bool useTransition);
native void PortraitSetRenderType (int p, int renderType);
native void PortraitSetMuted (int p, bool isMuted);
native void PortraitForceTransition (int p, bool isVisible, bool isInstant);
native void PortraitSetPaused (int p, bool isPaused);
native void PortraitSetTintColor (int p, color inColor);
native void PortraitSetTeamColor (int p, color inColor);
native void PortraitSetLight (int p, string lightLink);
native void PortraitSetTransitionModel (int p, string modelLink);
native void PortraitSetMouseTarget (int p, bool inMouseTarget);

native bool PortraitVisible (int p, int player);


Preload[edit | edit source]

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native void PreloadAsset (string key, bool queue);
native void PreloadImage (string path, bool queue);
native void PreloadModel (string path, bool queue);
native void PreloadMovie (string path, bool queue);
native void PreloadObject (int catalog, string id, bool queue);
native void PreloadScene (string path, bool queue);
native void PreloadScript (string path, bool queue);
native void PreloadSound (string path, bool queue);


Purchase[edit | edit source]

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const int c_invalidPurchaseItemId = 0;
const int c_invalidPurchaseCategoryId = 0;
const int c_invalidPurchaseGroupId = 0;

const int c_purchaseCategoryStateEnabled = 0;
const int c_purchaseCategoryStateDisabled = 1;
const int c_purchaseCategoryStateHidden = 2;
const int c_purchaseCategoryStateNew = 3;

const int c_purchaseGroupStateEnabled = 0;
const int c_purchaseGroupStateDisabled = 1;
const int c_purchaseGroupStateHidden = 2;
const int c_purchaseGroupStateNew = 3;

const int c_purchaseItemStateEnabled = 0;
const int c_purchaseItemStateDisabled = 1;
const int c_purchaseItemStatePurchased = 2;
const int c_purchaseItemStateHidden = 3;
native int PurchaseCategoryCreate (playergroup inPlayerGroup, int inSlot);
native int PurchaseCategoryLastCreated ();

native void PurchaseCategoryDestroy (int inPurchaseCategoryId);
native void PurchaseCategoryDestroyAll (playergroup inPlayerGroup);

native void PurchaseCategorySetPlayerGroup (int inPurchaseCategoryId, playergroup inPlayerGroup);
native void PurchaseCategorySetNameText (int inPurchaseCategoryId, text inText);
native void PurchaseCategorySetState (int inPurchaseCategoryId, int inState);
native void PurchaseCategorySetSlot (int inPurchaseCategoryId, int inSlot);

native void PurchaseSetSelectedPurchaseCategory (playergroup inPlayerGroup, int inPurchaseCategoryId);
native int PurchaseGetSelectedPurchaseCategory (int inPlayer);
native int PurchaseGroupCreate (playergroup inPlayerGroup, int inPurchaseCategoryId, int inSlot);
native int PurchaseGroupLastCreated ();

native void PurchaseGroupDestroy (int inPurchaseGroupId);
native void PurchaseGroupDestroyAll (playergroup inPlayerGroup);

native void PurchaseGroupSetPlayerGroup (int inPurchaseGroupId, playergroup inPlayerGroup);
native void PurchaseGroupSetNameText (int inPurchaseGroupId, text inText);
native void PurchaseGroupSetTooltipText (int inPurchaseGroupId, text inText);
native void PurchaseGroupSetIconFilePath (int inPurchaseGroupId, string inFilePath);
native void PurchaseGroupSetState (int inPurchaseGroupId, int inState);
native void PurchaseGroupSetSlot (int inPurchaseGroupId, int inSlot);
native void PurchaseGroupSetUnitLink (int inPurchaseGroupId, string inUnitLink);

native int PurchaseItemCreate (playergroup inPlayerGroup, int inPurchaseGroupId, int inSlot);
native int PurchaseItemLastCreated ();

native void PurchaseItemDestroy (int inPurchaseItemId);
native void PurchaseItemDestroyAll (playergroup inPlayerGroup);

native void PurchaseItemSetPlayerGroup (int inPurchaseItemId, playergroup inPlayerGroup);
native void PurchaseItemSetNameText (int inPurchaseItemId, text inText);
native void PurchaseItemSetTooltipText (int inPurchaseItemId, text inText);
native void PurchaseItemSetDescriptionText (int inPurchaseItemId, text inText);
native void PurchaseItemSetIconFilePath (int inPurchaseItemId, string inFilePath);
native void PurchaseItemSetMovieFilePath (int inPurchaseItemId, string inFilePath);
native void PurchaseItemSetCost (int inPurchaseItemId, int inCost);
native void PurchaseItemSetState (int inPurchaseItemId, int inState);
native void PurchaseItemSetRecentlyPurchased (int inPurchaseItemId, bool inRecent);
native void PurchaseItemSetSlot (int inPurchaseItemId, int inSlot);
native void PurchaseItemPurchase (int inPurchaseItemId);

native bool PurchaseItemIsRecentlyPurchased (int inPurchaseItemId);

native void PurchaseSetSelectedPurchaseItem (playergroup inPlayerGroup, int inPurchaseItemId);
native int PurchaseGetSelectedPurchaseItem (int inPlayer);

Purchase events[edit | edit source]

native void TriggerAddEventPurchaseMade (trigger t, int player, int inPurchaseItemId);
native void TriggerAddEventPurchaseExit (trigger t, int player);
native void TriggerAddEventSelectedPurchaseItemChanged (trigger t, int player, int inPurchaseItemId);
native void TriggerAddEventSelectedPurchaseCategoryChanged (trigger t, int player, int inPurchaseCategoryId);

native int EventPurchaseMade ();


Regions[edit | edit source]

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Regions are comprised of any number of basic shapes (rectangles, circles, etc). Each shape
can be specified as positive or negative. A point is considered within the region if it is
within a least one positive shape but not within any negative shapes.

An L-shaped region could be created with either

(a) Two positive rectangles
| | <-- (+)
| |
|_____| <-- (+)

(b) One positive and one negative rectangle
_|___ |
| | | |
| | | | <-- (-)
| |___|_|
|_____| <-- (+)

The "bounds" of the region are defined as the smallest rectangle which contains all positive
shapes. The "center" is the average of the center of all positive shapes, weighted by area.

The "offset" of the region is relative to the shape coordinates. The center and bounds take
the offset into account.

native region RegionEmpty ();
native region RegionEntireMap ();
native region RegionPlayableMap ();
native void RegionPlayableMapSet (region r);

native region RegionRect (fixed minx, fixed miny, fixed maxx, fixed maxy);
native region RegionCircle (point center, fixed radius);
native region RegionFromId (int id);

native void RegionAddRect (region r, bool positive, fixed minx, fixed miny, fixed maxx, fixed maxy);
native void RegionAddCircle (region r, bool positive, point center, fixed radius);
native void RegionAddRegion (region r, region regToAdd);

native void RegionSetOffset (region r, point offset);
native point RegionGetOffset (region r);

native bool RegionContainsPoint (region r, point p);

RegionRandomPoint attempts to find a random point somewhere within the region. For regions
containing only a single positive shape, this is guaranteed to work, but for more complex
sets of shapes it may give up after a maximum number of tries and return (0, 0).

native point RegionRandomPoint (region r);

native point RegionGetBoundsMin (region r);
native point RegionGetBoundsMax (region r);
native point RegionGetCenter (region r);

Setting the center will adjust the offset such that
the region becomes centered on the given point.

native void RegionSetCenter (region r, point p);

RegionAttachToUnit will attach the region to the given unit such that the region center
is always at the unit's position plus the given offset. Use a null unit to detach the region
from whatever unit it may already be attached to.

native void RegionAttachToUnit (region r, unit u, point offset);
native unit RegionGetAttachUnit (region r);


Research[edit | edit source]

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const int c_invalidResearchCategoryId = 0;
const int c_invalidResearchTierId = 0;
const int c_invalidResearchItemId = 0;

const int c_researchItemStateEnabled = 0;
const int c_researchItemStateDisabled = 1;
const int c_researchItemStatePurchased = 2;
native int ResearchCategoryCreate (playergroup inPlayerGroup, int inSlot);
native int ResearchCategoryLastCreated ();

native void ResearchCategoryDestroy (int inResearchCategoryId);
native void ResearchCategoryDestroyAll (playergroup inPlayerGroup);

native void ResearchCategorySetPlayerGroup (int inResearchCategoryId, playergroup inPlayerGroup);
native void ResearchCategorySetSlot (int inResearchCategoryId, int inSlot);
native void ResearchCategorySetNameText (int inResearchCategoryId, text inText);
native void ResearchCategorySetCurrentLevel (int inResearchCategoryId, int inLevel);
native void ResearchCategorySetLastLevel (int inResearchCategoryId, int inLevel);
native int ResearchTierCreate (playergroup inPlayerGroup, int inResearchCategoryId, int inSlot);
native int ResearchTierLastCreated ();

native void ResearchTierDestroy (int inResearchTierId);
native void ResearchTierDestroyAll (playergroup inPlayerGroup);

native void ResearchTierSetPlayerGroup (int inResearchTierId, playergroup inPlayerGroup);
native void ResearchTierSetSlot (int inResearchTierId, int inSlot);
native void ResearchTierSetRequiredLevel (int inResearchTierId, int inLevel);
native void ResearchTierSetMaxPurchasesAllowed (int inResearchTierId, int inMax);
native int ResearchItemCreate (playergroup inPlayerGroup, int inResearchTierId, int inState);
native int ResearchItemLastCreated ();

native void ResearchItemDestroy (int inResearchItemId);
native void ResearchItemDestroyAll (playergroup inPlayerGroup);

native void ResearchItemSetPlayerGroup (int inResearchItemId, playergroup inPlayerGroup);
native void ResearchItemSetSlot (int inResearchItemId, int inSlot);
native void ResearchItemSetState (int inResearchItemId, int inState);
native void ResearchItemSetNameText (int inResearchItemId, text inText);
native void ResearchItemSetDescriptionText (int inResearchItemId, text inText);
native void ResearchItemSetTooltipText (int inResearchItemId, text inText);
native void ResearchItemSetConfirmationText (int inResearchItemId, text inText);
native void ResearchItemSetIconFilePath (int inResearchItemId, string inFilePath);
native void ResearchItemSetMovieFilePath (int inResearchItemId, string inFilePath);
native void ResearchItemSetRecentlyPurchased (int inResearchItemId, bool inRecent);

native bool ResearchItemIsRecentlyPurchased (int inResearchItemId);
native void ResearchItemPurchase (int inResearchItemId);

native void ResearchItemSetSelected (playergroup inPlayerGroup, int inResearchItemId);
native int ResearchItemGetSelected (int inPlayer);

Research events[edit | edit source]

native void TriggerAddEventResearchPanelExit (trigger t, int player);
native void TriggerAddEventResearchPanelPurchase (trigger t, int player);
native void TriggerAddEventResearchPanelSelectionChanged (trigger t, int player, int inResearchItemId);


Sound[edit | edit source]

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- A specific sound index within the sound list may be specified.
Using c_soundIndexAny will choose a sound either sequentially or randomly,
based on the sound data.

- Use a "null" playergroup to play the sound for all players.

- 3d sounds are only played for players who currently have vision of the sound position.

- Volumes are expressed as a percent (0-100) of maximum volume.
const int c_soundIndexAny = -1;

Sound Info[edit | edit source]

native soundlink SoundLink (string soundId, int soundIndex);
native string SoundLinkId (soundlink soundId);
native int SoundLinkAsset (soundlink soundId);

Sound[edit | edit source]

native void SoundPlay (
soundlink link,
playergroup players,
fixed volume,
fixed offset
native void SoundPlayAtPoint (
soundlink link,
playergroup players,
point inPoint,
fixed height,
fixed volume,
fixed offset
native void SoundPlayOnUnit (
soundlink link,
playergroup players,
unit inUnit,
fixed height,
fixed volume,
fixed offset

- SoundPlayScene attempts to synchronize unit animations with the sound duration
native void SoundPlayScene (
soundlink link,
playergroup players,
unitgroup units,
string animProps
native void SoundPlaySceneFile (
soundlink link,
playergroup players,
string sceneFile,
string camera

native sound SoundLastPlayed ();

native void SoundPause (sound s, bool pause);
native void SoundStop (sound s, bool fade);
native void SoundStopAllModelSounds ();
native void SoundStopAllTriggerSounds (bool fade);

native void SoundSetVolume (sound s, fixed volume);
native void SoundSetPosition (sound s, point position, fixed height);

const int c_soundOffsetStart = 0;
const int c_soundOffsetEnd = 1;

native void SoundSetOffset (sound s, fixed offset, int offsetType);
native void SoundWait (sound s, fixed offset, int offsetType);
native void SoundAttachUnit (sound s, unit u, fixed height);

Sound Lengths[edit | edit source]

- Note: Since sound files are localized and potentially different for each player,
a network query must be sent to all players, and all results must be
received before a synchronous result can be accessed.

SoundLengthQuery - Initiate a network query for the given sound

SoundLengthQueryWait - Pause the current thread until all outstanding sound length
query results have been synchronized

SoundLengthSync - Retrieve the synchronized sound length result for the given

native void SoundLengthQuery (soundlink info);
native void SoundLengthQueryWait ();
native fixed SoundLengthSync (soundlink info);

Sound channels[edit | edit source]

native void SoundChannelSetVolume (playergroup players, int channel, fixed volume, fixed duration);
native void SoundChannelMute (playergroup players, int channel, bool mute);
native void SoundChannelPause (playergroup players, int channel, bool pause);
native void SoundChannelStop (playergroup players, int channel);

Other properties[edit | edit source]

native void SoundSetReverb (string inReverbLink, fixed inDuration, bool inAmbient, bool inGlobal);
native void SoundSetFactors (fixed distance, fixed doppler, fixed rolloff);

native text SoundSubtitleText (soundlink link);


Soundtracks[edit | edit source]

const int c_soundtrackCueAny = -1;
const int c_soundtrackIndexAny = -1;

native void SoundtrackDefault (playergroup players, int category, string soundtrack, int cue, int index);
native void SoundtrackPlay (playergroup players, int category, string soundtrack, int cue, int index, bool makeDefault);
native void SoundtrackPause (playergroup players, int category, bool pause, bool fade);
native void SoundtrackSetContinuous (playergroup players, int category, bool continuous);
native void SoundtrackSetDelay (playergroup players, int category, fixed delay);
native void SoundtrackStop (playergroup players, int category, bool fade);
native void SoundtrackWait (string soundtrack);


Story Mode[edit | edit source]

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native void StoryMode (playergroup players, bool storyMode); Blizzard maps only
native void StorySetChange (); Blizzard maps only

native void CampaignMode (playergroup players, bool campaignMode); Blizzard maps only


Strings[edit | edit source]

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native int StringLength (string s);
native string StringCase (string s, bool upper);
native text TextCase (text t, bool upper);
native string StringSub (string s, int start, int end);

const bool c_stringCase = true;
const bool c_stringNoCase = false;

native bool StringEqual (string s1, string s2, bool caseSens);

StringFind returns the position of the first occurrence of s2 within s1,
or c_stringNotFound if there isn't one.

const int c_stringNotFound = -1;

native int StringFind (string s1, string s2, bool caseSens);

const int c_stringBegin = 0; True if s1 begins with s2
const int c_stringEnd = 1; True if s1 ends with s2
const int c_stringAnywhere = 2; True if s1 contains s2 anywhere

native bool StringContains (string s1, string s2, int location, bool caseSens);

StringWord splits the string into words separated by whitespace,
and returns the word corresponding to the given index.

Ex: StringWord("klaatu barada nikto", 2) will return "barada"

native string StringWord (string s, int index);

StringReplace replaces the indexed character range in the string with the replacement string
and returns the result.

native string StringReplace (string s, string replace, int start, int end);

StringReplaceWord replaces occurrences of the given word in the string with the replacement
string and returns the result.

const int c_stringReplaceAll = -1; Use as maxCount for all occurrences

native string StringReplaceWord (string s, string word, string replace, int maxCount, bool caseSens);
native text TextReplaceWord (text t, text word, text replace, int maxCount, bool caseSens);

StringExternal looks up the given string identifer in the externalized string table
native text StringExternal (string s);
native text StringExternalHotkey (string s);
native text StringExternalAsset (string s);

StringToText converts the given string to text directly (not externalized)
native text StringToText (string s);

TextWithColor applies a formatting tag to the input text for the given color
native text TextWithColor (text t, color c);

TextTimeFormat converts a time value, in seconds, to text using a format string
- The time format string should use the following tokens:

<hour/> = hour count, rounded down
<hour2/> = hour count, rounded down, always two digits
<hourtotal/> = total hour count, rounded down
<hourtotaln/> = total hour count, rounded to nearest
<hourtotalu/> = total hour count, rounded up
<min/> = minute count, rounded down
<min2/> = minute count, rounded down, always two digits
<mintotal/> = total minute count, rounded down
<mintotaln/> = total minute count, rounded to nearest
<mintotalu/> = total minute count, rounded up
<sec/> = second count
<sec2/> = second count, always two digits
<sectotal/> = total second count
<short/> = one of "<hour/>h", "<min/>m", or "<sec/>s"

Examples (these all represent the same value):
"<hour/>:<min2/>:<sec2/>" -> 1:08:38 (this is the default format)
"<mintotaln/> minutes" -> 69 minutes
"<mintotal/>:<sec2/>" -> 68:38
"<short/>" -> 1h

native text TextTimeFormat (text inFormat, int inSecs);


Tech Tree[edit | edit source]

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const int c_techCountQueuedOnly = 0;
const int c_techCountQueuedOrBetter = 1; Queued + In Progress + Complete
const int c_techCountInProgressOnly = 2;
const int c_techCountInProgressOrBetter = 3; In Progress + Complete
const int c_techCountCompleteOnly = 4;
const int c_techCountIncompleteOnly = 5; Queued + In Progress

native void TechTreeAbilityAllow (int player, abilcmd inAbilCmd, bool allow);
native int TechTreeAbilityCount (int player, string abilType, int countType);
native bool TechTreeAbilityIsAllowed (int player, abilcmd inAbilCmd);

native void TechTreeBehaviorAllow (int player, string behaviorType, bool allow);
native int TechTreeBehaviorCount (int player, string behaviorType, int countType);
native bool TechTreeBehaviorIsAllowed (int player, string behaviorType);
native abilcmd TechTreeBehaviorProducedAbilCmd (string behaviorType, int index);
native int TechTreeBehaviorProducedAbilCmdCount (string behaviorType);

native void TechTreeRequirementsEnable (int player, bool enable);
native bool TechTreeRequirementsEnabled (int player);
native void TechTreeRestrictionsEnable (int player, bool enable);
native bool TechTreeRestrictionsEnabled (int player);

native void TechTreeUnitAllow (int player, string unitType, bool allow);
native int TechTreeUnitCount (int player, string unitType, int countType);
native int TechTreeUnitAliasCount (int player, string unitType, int countType);
native int TechTreeUnitCountEx (int player, string unitType, string equivType, int countType);
native bool TechTreeUnitIsAllowed (int player, string unitType);
native void TechTreeUnitHelp (int player, string unitType, bool display);
native void TechTreeUnitHelpDefault (int player, bool display);
native abilcmd TechTreeUnitProducedAbilCmd (string unitType, int index);
native int TechTreeUnitProducedAbilCmdCount (string unitType);
native string TechTreeUnitProducesUnit (string unitType, int index);
native int TechTreeUnitProducesUnitCount (string unitType);
native string TechTreeUnitProducesUpgrade (string unitType, int index);
native int TechTreeUnitProducesUpgradeCount (string unitType);

native void TechTreeUpgradeAddLevel (int player, string upgradeType, int levels);
native void TechTreeUpgradeAllow (int player, string upgradeType, bool allow);
native int TechTreeUpgradeCount (int player, string upgradeType, int countType);
native bool TechTreeUpgradeIsAllowed (int player, string upgradeType);
native abilcmd TechTreeUpgradeProducedAbilCmd (string upgradeType, int index);
native int TechTreeUpgradeProducedAbilCmdCount (string upgradeType);


Text Tags[edit | edit source]

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const int c_textTagNone = 0;

Edge[edit | edit source]

const int c_textTagEdgeTop = 0;
const int c_textTagEdgeLeft = 1;
const int c_textTagEdgeBottom = 2;
const int c_textTagEdgeRight = 3;

native int TextTagCreate (
text inText,
int inFontSize,
point inPoint,
fixed inHeightOffset,
bool inShow,
bool useFogofWar,
playergroup inPlayers
native int TextTagLastCreated ();
native void TextTagDestroy (int inTag);

native void TextTagSetText (int inTag, text inText);
native void TextTagSetTextShadow (int inTag, bool inVal);
native void TextTagSetFontSize (int inTag, int inFontSize);
native void TextTagSetPosition (int inTag, point inPoint, fixed inHeightOffset);
native void TextTagAttachToUnit (int inTag, unit inUnit, fixed inHeightOffset);
native void TextTagAttachToUnitPoint (int inTag, unit inUnit, string attachmentPoint, int offsetX, int offsetY);
native void TextTagSetVelocity (int inTag, fixed inSpeed, fixed inAngle);
native void TextTagSetAlignment (int inTag, int inHoriz, int inVert);
native void TextTagSetTextAlignment (int inTag, int inHoriz, int inVert);
native void TextTagSetMaxSize (int inTag, fixed inWidth, fixed inHeight);

native void TextTagShowBackground (int inTag, bool inShow);
native void TextTagSetBackgroundImage (int inTag, string inPath, bool inTiled);
native void TextTagSetBackgroundBorderSize (int inTag, fixed inX, fixed inY);
native void TextTagSetBackgroundOffset (int inTag, fixed inX, fixed inY);
native void TextTagSetEdgeImage (int inTag, int inEdge, string inPath, int inXOffset, int inYOffset);

native void TextTagShow (int inTag, playergroup inPlayers, bool inShow);
native bool TextTagVisible (int inTag, int inPlayer);
native void TextTagPause (int inTag, bool inPause);
native void TextTagFogofWar (int inTag, bool inFog);
native void TextTagSetFogVisibility (int inTag, int inVisType);

const int c_textTagColorText = -1;
const int c_textTagColorTextStart = 0;
const int c_textTagColorTextEnd = 1;
const int c_textTagColorBackground = -2;
const int c_textTagColorBackgroundStart = 2;
const int c_textTagColorBackgroundEnd = 3;
const int c_textTagColorEdge = -3;
const int c_textTagColorEdgeStart = 4;
const int c_textTagColorEdgeEnd = 5;

native void TextTagSetColor (int inTag, int inType, color inColor);

const int c_textTagFadeAll = -1;
const int c_textTagFadeText = 0;
const int c_textTagFadeBackground = 1;
const int c_textTagFadeEdge = 2;

native void TextTagSetFadedTransparency (int inTag, int inType, fixed inTransparency);

const int c_textTagTimeDuration = 0;
const int c_textTagTimeFadeOut = 1;
const int c_textTagTimeFadeDuration = 2; If zero, will fade over full duration
const int c_textTagTimeCurrent = 3;

const fixed c_textTagTimePermanent = 0; Use with c_textTagTimeDuration for permanent text

native void TextTagSetTime (int inTag, int inType, fixed inVal);


Timing[edit | edit source]

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Time types[edit | edit source]

Timing functions can work with three different types of time:

Game Time - Takes into account the current game speed, and will pass more slowly at slower
speeds, and vice versa.

Real Time - Passes at the same rate regardless of game speed, and approximates time passing
in the real world for the user. However, "real" time is still synchronous, and
will therefore be affected by lag due to network or system issues.

AI Time - Passes at the same rate as game time, but may be paused/unpaused independently
of game time via triggers. This is most commonly done to pause the AI while
an in-game cinematic sequence is run.

const int c_timeGame = 0;
const int c_timeReal = 1;
const int c_timeAI = 2;

native void Wait (fixed inSecs, int inTimeType);

AI Time[edit | edit source]

native void AITimePause (bool inPause);
native bool AITimeIsPaused ();

Timers[edit | edit source]

const fixed c_timerDurationInfinite = -1.0;

native timer TimerCreate ();

native void TimerStart (timer t, fixed duration, bool periodic, int timeType);
native void TimerRestart (timer t);
native timer TimerLastStarted ();

native void TimerPause (timer t, bool pause);
native bool TimerIsPaused (timer t);

native fixed TimerGetElapsed (timer t);
native fixed TimerGetRemaining (timer t);
native fixed TimerGetDuration (timer t);

Timer events[edit | edit source]

native void TriggerAddEventTimer (trigger inTrigger, timer inTimer);
native void TriggerAddEventTimeElapsed (trigger inTrigger, fixed inTime, int inTimeType);
native void TriggerAddEventTimePeriodic (trigger inTrigger, fixed inTime, int inTimeType);

native timer EventTimer ();

Timer windows[edit | edit source]

inShowElapsed shows elapsed vs. remaining time (defaults off)

const int c_timerWindowNone = 0;

native int TimerWindowCreate (timer inTimer, text inTitle, bool inShow, bool inShowElapsed);
native int TimerWindowLastCreated ();
native void TimerWindowDestroy (int inWindow);

native void TimerWindowSetPosition (int inWindow, int inX, int inY);
native void TimerWindowResetPosition (int inWindow);

native void TimerWindowShow (int inWindow, playergroup inPlayers, bool inShow);
native bool TimerWindowVisible (int inWindow, int inPlayer);
native void TimerWindowSetTimer (int inWindow, timer inTimer);
native void TimerWindowSetTitle (int inWindow, text inTitle);

Style[edit | edit source]

const int c_timerWindowStyleHorizontalTitleTime = 0;
const int c_timerWindowStyleHorizontalTimeTitle = 1;
const int c_timerWindowStyleVerticalTitleTime = 2;
const int c_timerWindowStyleVerticalTimeTitle = 3;

native void TimerWindowSetStyle (int inWindow, int inStyle, bool inShowElapsed);
native void TimerWindowSetGapWidth (int inWindow, int inWidth);

Time Format[edit | edit source]

See the TextTimeFormat function for details on the format string
native void TimerWindowSetFormat (int inWindow, text inFormat);

const int c_timerWindowColorTitle = 0;
const int c_timerWindowColorTime = 1;
const int c_timerWindowColorBackground = 2;

native void TimerWindowSetColor (int inWindow, int inType, color inColor, fixed transparency);


Transmission[edit | edit source]

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const int c_invalidTransmissionId = 0;

const fixed c_transmissionTransitionDuration = 0.5;

const int c_transmissionDurationDefault = 0;
const int c_transmissionDurationAdd = 1;
const int c_transmissionDurationSub = 2;
const int c_transmissionDurationSet = 3;

const int c_transmissionOptionHideAlertPanel = 1;

native transmissionsource TransmissionSource ();
native transmissionsource TransmissionSourceFromUnit (unit u, bool flash, bool overridePortrait, string anim);
native transmissionsource TransmissionSourceFromUnitType (string unitType, bool overridePortrait);
native transmissionsource TransmissionSourceFromModel (string modelLink);
native transmissionsource TransmissionSourceFromMovie (string assetLink, bool subtitles);

native int TransmissionSend (
playergroup players,
transmissionsource source,
int targetPortrait,
string targetAnim,
soundlink soundLink,
text speaker,
text subtitle,
fixed duration,
int durationType,
bool waitUntilDone
native int TransmissionLastSent ();
native void TransmissionClear (int t);
native void TransmissionClearAll ();
native void TransmissionSetOption (int inOptionIndex, bool inValue);
native void TransmissionWait (int t, fixed offset);


Triggers[edit | edit source]

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Each trigger has one script function, registered in TriggerCreate,
which is expected to look like:

bool TriggerFunc (bool testConditions, bool runActions) {
if (testConditions) {
if (<conditions fail>) {
return false;

if (!runActions) {
return true;

<do actions>
return true;

native trigger TriggerCreate (string inFunction);
native void TriggerDestroy (trigger t);

native void TriggerEnable (trigger t, bool enable);
native bool TriggerIsEnabled (trigger t);

native void TriggerResetCounts (trigger t);
native int TriggerGetEvalCount (trigger t);
native int TriggerGetExecCount (trigger t);

native bool TriggerEvaluate (trigger t);
native void TriggerExecute (trigger t, bool testConds, bool waitUntilDone);
native trigger TriggerGetCurrent (); Returns the trigger currently executing, if any
native void TriggerStop (trigger t); Kills all executing instances of the input trigger
native void TriggerWaitForTrigger (trigger t, bool waitUntilDone); Wait until the given trigger executes

native void TriggerQueueEnter ();
native void TriggerQueueExit ();
native bool TriggerQueueIsEmpty ();
native void TriggerQueuePause (bool pause);

Options for handling the active thread when clearing the trigger queue
const int c_triggerQueueRetain = 0; Leave in the queue
const int c_triggerQueueRemove = 1; Remove from the queue, but leave it running
const int c_triggerQueueKill = 2; Remove from the queue and kill it immediately

native void TriggerQueueClear (int activeOption);

native void TriggerSkippableBegin (
playergroup allowedToSkip,
int requiredCount,
trigger onSkip,
bool testConds,
bool waitUntilDone
native void TriggerSkippableEnd ();

Trigger Debugging[edit | edit source]

native void TriggerDebugWindowOpen (bool open);
native void TriggerDebugOutput (int type, text inText, bool includeGameUI);
native void TriggerDebugSetTypeName (int type, text inText);
native void TriggerDebugSetTypeColor (int type, color c);
native void TriggerDebugSetTypeFile (int type, string file);


Units[edit | edit source]

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Spend locations for simulating spend calls
const int c_spendLocationAll = -1;
const int c_spendLocationAbility = 0;
const int c_spendLocationBehavior = 1;
const int c_spendLocationUnit = 2;
const int c_spendLocationPlayer = 3;
const int c_spendLocationGlobal = 4;

Unit creation styles[edit | edit source]

const int c_unitCreateConstruct = (1 << 0);
const int c_unitCreateIgnorePlacement = (1 << 1);

native unitgroup UnitCreate (
int inCount,
string inUnitType,
int inCreateStyle,
int inPlayer,
point inPos,
fixed inFacing

native unit UnitLastCreated ();
native unitgroup UnitLastCreatedGroup ();
native unit UnitFromId (int id);
native void UnitLoadModel (unit inUnit);
native void UnitUnloadModel (unit inUnit);
native void UnitRemove (unit inUnit);
native void UnitKill (unit inUnit);
native void UnitRevive (unit inUnit);
native bool UnitIsAlive (unit inUnit);
native bool UnitIsValid (unit inUnit);
native void UnitWaitUntilIdle (unit inUnit, bool inIdle);

native string UnitGetType (unit inUnit);

native int UnitGetOwner (unit inUnit);
native void UnitSetOwner (unit inUnit, int inPlayer, bool inChangeColor);

native void UnitSetTeamColorIndex (unit inUnit, int inIndex);
native void UnitResetTeamColorIndex (unit inUnit);

native point UnitGetPosition (unit inUnit);
native void UnitSetPosition (unit inUnit, point inPos, bool blend);
native fixed UnitGetHeight (unit inUnit); Absolute height in world space
native void UnitSetHeight (unit inUnit, fixed inHeight, fixed inDuration);

native fixed UnitGetFacing (unit inUnit);
native void UnitSetFacing (unit inUnit, fixed inFacing, fixed inDuration);

native point UnitGetAttachmentPoint (unit inUnit, string attachment);

native void UnitResetSpeed (unit inUnit);

native void UnitSetScale (unit inUnit, fixed x, fixed y, fixed z);

native void UnitPauseAll (bool inPause);

native void UnitSetCursor (unit inUnit, string cursorLink);
native void UnitSetInfoText (unit inUnit, text info, text tip, text subTip);
native void UnitClearInfoText (unit inUnit);

native void UnitForceStatusBar (unit inUnit, bool inShow); Deprecated; use UnitStatusBarOverride

native void UnitStatusBarOverride (unit inUnit, int inGroup);
native void UnitStatusBarClearOverride (unit inUnit);

Unit attributes[edit | edit source]

const int c_unitAttributeNone = -1; Base Damage.
const int c_unitAttributeShielded = -2; Damage vs. Shielded Units.
The remainder of these are defined in Unit.galaxy

Unit states[edit | edit source]

const int c_unitStateBuried = 0; Read-only
const int c_unitStateCloaked = 1; Read-only
const int c_unitStateDetector = 2; Read-only
const int c_unitStateRadar = 3; Read-only
const int c_unitStateVisionSuppressed = 4; Read-only
const int c_unitStateAttackSuppressed = 5; Read-only
const int c_unitStateInStasis = 6; Read-only
const int c_unitStateHallucination = 7; Read-only
const int c_unitStateInvulnerable = 8;
const int c_unitStatePaused = 9;
const int c_unitStateHidden = 10;
const int c_unitStateHighlightable = 11;
const int c_unitStateIgnoreTerrainZ = 12;
const int c_unitStateUnderConstruction = 13; Read-only
const int c_unitStateInsideTransport = 14; Read-only
const int c_unitStateIdle = 15; Read-only
const int c_unitStateFidget = 16;
const int c_unitStateSelectable = 17;
const int c_unitStateTargetable = 18;
const int c_unitStateStatusBar = 19;
const int c_unitStateTooltipable = 20;
const int c_unitStateCursorable = 21;
const int c_unitStateIsDead = 22; Read-only
const int c_unitStateIsTransport = 23; Read-only
const int c_unitStateMoveSuppressed = 24;
const int c_unitStateTurnSuppressed = 25;
const int c_unitStateHighlighted = 26;
const int c_unitStateUsingSupply = 27;
const int c_unitStateRevivable = 28; Read-only
const int c_unitStateDetectable = 29;
const int c_unitStateRadarable = 30;

native void UnitSetState (unit inUnit, int inState, bool inVal);
native bool UnitTestState (unit inUnit, int inState);

Unit properties[edit | edit source]

const int c_unitPropLife = 0;
const int c_unitPropLifePercent = 1;
const int c_unitPropLifeMax = 2;
const int c_unitPropLifeRegen = 3;
const int c_unitPropEnergy = 4;
const int c_unitPropEnergyPercent = 5;
const int c_unitPropEnergyMax = 6;
const int c_unitPropEnergyRegen = 7;
const int c_unitPropShields = 8;
const int c_unitPropShieldsPercent = 9;
const int c_unitPropShieldsMax = 10;
const int c_unitPropShieldsRegen = 11;
const int c_unitPropSuppliesUsed = 12; Read-only
const int c_unitPropSuppliesMade = 13; Read-only
const int c_unitPropKills = 14;
const int c_unitPropVitality = 15; Read-only
const int c_unitPropVitalityPercent = 16; Read-only
const int c_unitPropVitalityMax = 17; Read-only
const int c_unitPropAcceleration = 18; Read-only
const int c_unitPropHeight = 19;
const int c_unitPropMovementSpeed = 20;
const int c_unitPropTurnRate = 21; Read-only
const int c_unitPropResources = 22;
const int c_unitPropRadius = 23; Read-only
const int c_unitPropXP = 24;
const int c_unitPropLevel = 25;
const int c_unitPropBountyMinerals = 26;
const int c_unitPropBountyVespene = 27;
const int c_unitPropBountyTerrazine = 28;
const int c_unitPropBountyCustom = 29;
const int c_unitPropKillXP = 30;
const int c_unitPropCarriedMinerals = 31;
const int c_unitPropCarriedVespene = 32;
const int c_unitPropCarriedTerrazine = 33;
const int c_unitPropCarriedCustom = 34;
const int c_unitPropLifeArmor = 35; Read-only
const int c_unitPropShieldArmor = 36; Read-only

const bool c_unitPropCurrent = true;
const bool c_unitPropNormal = false;

native void UnitSetPropertyInt (unit inUnit, int inProp, int inVal);
native void UnitSetPropertyFixed (unit inUnit, int inProp, fixed inVal);

native int UnitGetPropertyInt (unit inUnit, int inProp, bool inCurrent);
native fixed UnitGetPropertyFixed (unit inUnit, int inProp, bool inCurrent);

native void UnitSetCustomValue (unit inUnit, int inIndex, fixed inVal);
native fixed UnitGetCustomValue (unit inUnit, int inIndex);

native void UnitAddChargeRegen (unit inUnit, string inCharge, fixed inVal);
native fixed UnitGetChargeRegen (unit inUnit, string inCharge);
native void UnitAddChargeUsed (unit inUnit, string inCharge, fixed inVal);
native fixed UnitGetChargeUsed (unit inUnit, string inCharge);

native void UnitAddCooldown (unit inUnit, string inCooldown, fixed inVal);
native fixed UnitGetCooldown (unit inUnit, string inCooldown);

native void UnitCreateEffectPoint (unit inUnit, string inEffect, point inTarget);
native void UnitCreateEffectUnit (unit inUnit, string inEffect, unit inTarget);
native int UnitValidateEffectPoint (unit inUnit, string inEffect, point inTarget);
native int UnitValidateEffectUnit (unit inUnit, string inEffect, unit inTarget);

native void UnitDamage (unit inAttacker, string inEffect, unit inVictim, fixed inBonus);

Unit AI options[edit | edit source]

const int c_unitAIOptionUsable = 0;

native void UnitSetAIOption (unit inUnit, int inOption, bool inVal);
native bool UnitGetAIOption (unit inUnit, int inOption);

Unit abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability charge types[edit | edit source]

const int c_unitAbilChargeCountMax = 0;
const int c_unitAbilChargeCountUse = 1;
const int c_unitAbilChargeCountLeft = 2;
const int c_unitAbilChargeRegenMax = 3;
const int c_unitAbilChargeRegenLeft = 4;

native void UnitAbilitySpend (unit inUnit, abilcmd inAbilCmd, int inLocation);
native void UnitAbilityReset (unit inUnit, abilcmd inAbilCmd, int inLocation);
native fixed UnitAbilityChargeInfo (unit inUnit, abilcmd inAbilCmd, int inType);
native int UnitAbilityCount (unit inUnit);
native bool UnitAbilityExists (unit inUnit, string inAbil);
native void UnitAbilityEnable (unit inUnit, string inAbil, bool inEnable);
native void UnitAbilityShow (unit inUnit, string inAbil, bool inShow);
native string UnitAbilityGet (unit inUnit, int inIndex);
native bool UnitAbilityCheck (unit inUnit, string inAbil, bool inEnabled);

native void UnitAbilityChangeLevel (unit inUnit, string inAbil, int inLevel);
native int UnitAbilityGetLevel (unit inUnit, string inAbil);
native int UnitAbilityMaxLevel (unit inUnit, string inAbil);

native void UnitAbilityAddChargeRegen (unit inUnit, string inAbil, string inCharge, fixed inVal);
native fixed UnitAbilityGetChargeRegen (unit inUnit, string inAbil, string inCharge);
native void UnitAbilityAddChargeUsed (unit inUnit, string inAbil, string inCharge, fixed inVal);
native fixed UnitAbilityGetChargeUsed (unit inUnit, string inAbil, string inCharge);

native void UnitAbilityAddCooldown (unit inUnit, string inAbil, string inCooldown, fixed inVal);
native fixed UnitAbilityGetCooldown (unit inUnit, string inAbil, string inCooldown);

Ability command states[edit | edit source]

const int c_cmdStateHidden = (1 << 0);
const int c_cmdStateExecuting = (1 << 1);
const int c_cmdStateCanAutoCast = (1 << 2);
const int c_cmdStateIsAutoCast = (1 << 3);
const int c_cmdStateMaxCharges = (1 << 4);
const int c_cmdStateHasCharges = (1 << 5);
const int c_cmdStateDisabled = (1 << 6);
const int c_cmdStateCooldown = (1 << 7);
const int c_cmdStateNoLife = (1 << 8);
const int c_cmdStateNoShields = (1 << 9);
const int c_cmdStateNoEnergy = (1 << 10);
const int c_cmdStateNoMinerals = (1 << 11);
const int c_cmdStateNoVespene = (1 << 12);
const int c_cmdStateNoTerrazine = (1 << 13);
const int c_cmdStateNoCustom = (1 << 14);
const int c_cmdStateNoFood = (1 << 15);
const int c_cmdStateCantSpend = (1 << 16);

native bool UnitCheckAbilCmdState (unit inUnit, abilcmd inAbilCmd, int inState);

native unit UnitAddOnChild (unit inUnit, int inIndex);
native unit UnitAddOnParent (unit inUnit);

const int c_unitCargoUnitCount = 0; Number of units contained as cargo
const int c_unitCargoSpaceTotal = 1; Total cargo space
const int c_unitCargoSpaceUsed = 2; Cargo space in use
const int c_unitCargoSpaceFree = 3; Cargo space available (total - used)
const int c_unitCargoSizeAsCargo = 4; Space used by this unit as cargo
const int c_unitCargoSizeMax = 5; Maximum cargo size per unit this unit can contain
const int c_unitCargoPosition = 6; Unit's index in the transport list

native void UnitCargoCreate (unit inUnit, string inId, int inCount);
native unit UnitCargoLastCreated ();
native unitgroup UnitCargoLastCreatedGroup ();
native unit UnitCargo (unit inUnit, int inIndex);
native unitgroup UnitCargoGroup (unit inUnit);
native int UnitCargoValue (unit inUnit, int inValue);
native unit UnitTransport (unit inUnit);

native unit UnitAgent (unit inUnit, int inPlayer);

native void UnitMagazineArm (unit inUnit, abilcmd inAbilCmd, int inCount);
native int UnitMagazineCount (unit inUnit, string inAbil);

const int c_unitQueueTimeElapsed = 0;
const int c_unitQueueTimeRemaining = 1;
const int c_unitQueueTimeTotal = 2;

const int c_unitQueuePropertyAvailable = 0;
const int c_unitQueuePropertyTotal = 1;
const int c_unitQueuePropertyUsed = 2;
const int c_unitQueuePropertyCount = 3;

native int UnitQueueItemCount (unit inUnit, int inSlot);
native string UnitQueueItemGet (unit inUnit, int inItem, int inSlot);
native fixed UnitQueueItemTime (unit inUnit, int inTimeType, int inItem);
native bool UnitQueueItemTypeCheck (unit inUnit, int inItem, int inType);
native int UnitQueueGetProperty (unit inUnit, int inProp);

native bool UnitMoverExists (unit inUnit, string inMover);
native bool UnitTestPlane (unit inUnit, int inPlane);

Unit progress[edit | edit source]

const int c_unitProgressTypeConstruct = 0;
const int c_unitProgressTypeTrain = 1;
const int c_unitProgressTypeResearch = 2;
const int c_unitProgressTypeArmMagazine = 3;
const int c_unitProgressTypeSpecialize = 4;
const int c_unitProgressTypeRevive = 5;
const int c_unitProgressTypeLearn = 6;

const int c_unitProgressStageStart = 0;
const int c_unitProgressStageCancel = 1;
const int c_unitProgressStageComplete = 2;
const int c_unitProgressStagePause = 3;
const int c_unitProgressStageResume = 4;

const int c_unitProgressStateEmpty = 0;
const int c_unitProgressStateActive = 1;
const int c_unitProgressStatePaused = 2;

native fixed UnitGetProgressComplete (unit inUnit, int inSlot);
native void UnitSetProgressComplete (unit inUnit, int inSlot, int inPercent);
native void UnitSetProgressStage (unit inUnit, int inSlot, int inStage);
native bool UnitCheckProgressState (unit inUnit, int inSlot, int inState);

Unit behaviors[edit | edit source]

Behavior categories[edit | edit source]

const int c_unitBehaviorFlagPermanent = 0;
const int c_unitBehaviorFlagRestorable = 1;
const int c_unitBehaviorFlagTemporary = 2;

Behavior buff flags[edit | edit source]

const int c_unitBehaviorFlagChanneled = 3;
const int c_unitBehaviorFlagChanneling = 4;
const int c_unitBehaviorFlagCountdown = 5;
const int c_unitBehaviorFlagExtend = 6;
const int c_unitBehaviorFlagDisableBuilding = 7;
const int c_unitBehaviorFlagRemoveDamageResponseExhausted = 8;
const int c_unitBehaviorFlagRefreshStack = 9;

Behavior info flags[edit | edit source]

const int c_unitBehaviorFlagHidden = 10;

Behavior count[edit | edit source]

const int c_unitBehaviorCountAll = -1;

native void UnitBehaviorAdd (unit inUnit, string inBehavior, unit inCaster, int inCount);
native void UnitBehaviorAddPlayer (unit inUnit, string inBehavior, int inPlayer, int inCount);
native int UnitBehaviorCountAll (unit inUnit);
native int UnitBehaviorCount (unit inUnit, string inBehavior);
native fixed UnitBehaviorDuration (unit inUnit, string inBehavior);
native void UnitBehaviorSetDuration (unit inUnit, string inBehavior, fixed inDuration);
native bool UnitBehaviorEnabled (unit inUnit, string inBehavior);
native string UnitBehaviorGet (unit inUnit, int inIndex);
native bool UnitHasBehavior (unit inUnit, string inBehavior);
native void UnitBehaviorRemove (unit inUnit, string inBehavior, int inCount);
native void UnitBehaviorRemovePlayer (unit inUnit, string inBehavior, int inPlayer, int inCount);
native void UnitBehaviorTransfer (unit inSource, unit inDest, string inBehavior, int inCount);
native bool UnitBehaviorHasFlag (string inBehavior, int inCategory);
native void UnitBehaviorRemoveCategory (unit inUnit, int inCategory);

native void UnitBehaviorAddChargeRegen (unit inUnit, string inBehavior, string inCharge, fixed inVal);
native fixed UnitBehaviorGetChargeRegen (unit inUnit, string inBehavior, string inCharge);
native void UnitBehaviorAddChargeUsed (unit inUnit, string inBehavior, string inCharge, fixed inVal);
native fixed UnitBehaviorGetChargeUsed (unit inUnit, string inBehavior, string inCharge);

native void UnitBehaviorAddCooldown (unit inUnit, string inBehavior, string inCooldown, fixed inVal);
native fixed UnitBehaviorGetCooldown (unit inUnit, string inBehavior, string inCooldown);

native void UnitXPGainEnable (unit inUnit, string inBehavior, bool inEnable);

Unit markers[edit | edit source]

native marker UnitMarker (unit inUnit, int inIndex);
native void UnitMarkerAdd (unit inUnit, marker inMarker);
native int UnitMarkerCount (unit inUnit, marker inMarker);
native void UnitMarkerRemove (unit inUnit, marker inMarker);

Unit orders[edit | edit source]

const int c_orderQueueReplace = 0;
const int c_orderQueueAddToEnd = 1;
const int c_orderQueueAddToFront = 2;

native order UnitOrder (unit inUnit, int inIndex);
native int UnitOrderCount (unit inUnit);
native bool UnitOrderHasAbil (unit inUnit, string abilLink);
native bool UnitOrderIsValid (unit inUnit, order inOrder);

native bool UnitIsHarvesting (unit inUnit, int inResource);

native bool UnitIssueOrder (unit inUnit, order inOrder, int inQueueType);

Unit rallying[edit | edit source]

native int UnitRallyPoint (unit inUnit, unit inUser);
native int UnitRallyPointCount (unit inUnit);
native int UnitRallyPointTargetCount (unit inUnit, int inPoint);
native point UnitRallyPointTargetPoint (unit inUnit, int inPoint, int inTarget);
native unit UnitRallyPointTargetUnit (unit inUnit, int inPoint, int inTarget);

Unit tech[edit | edit source]

native int UnitTechTreeBehaviorCount (unit inUnit, string behaviorType, int countType);
native int UnitTechTreeUnitCount (unit inUnit, string unitType, int countType);
native int UnitTechTreeUpgradeCount (unit inUnit, string upgradeType, int countType);

Unit inventory[edit | edit source]

const int c_unitInventoryCountCarried = 0;
const int c_unitInventoryCountEmpty = 1;
const int c_unitInventoryCountTotal = 2;

native int UnitInventoryContainer (unit inUnit);
native int UnitInventoryCount (unit inUnit, int inCountType);
native unit UnitInventoryCreate (unit inUnit, string itemType);
native unitgroup UnitInventoryGroup (unit inUnit);
native int UnitInventoryIndex (unit inItem);
native unit UnitInventoryItem (unit inUnit, int inIndex);
native unit UnitInventoryLastCreated ();
native void UnitInventoryMove (unit inItem, int inContainer, int inSlot);
native void UnitInventoryRemove (unit inItem);
native int UnitInventorySlot (unit inItem);
native unit UnitInventoryUnit (unit inItem);

Unit weapons[edit | edit source]

native void UnitWeaponAdd (unit inUnit, string inWeapon, string inTurret);
native int UnitWeaponCount (unit inUnit);
native bool UnitWeaponCheck (unit inUnit, int inIndex, int inTarget);
native string UnitWeaponGet (unit inUnit, int inIndex);
native bool UnitWeaponIsEnabled (unit inUnit, int inIndex);
native fixed UnitWeaponPeriod (unit inUnit, int inIndex);
native void UnitWeaponRemove (unit inUnit, string inWeapon);
native bool UnitWeaponsPlaneTest (unit inUnit, int inPlane);
native fixed UnitWeaponDamage (unit inUnit, int inIndex, int inAttribute, bool inMaximum);
native fixed UnitWeaponSpeedMultiplier (unit inUnit, int inIndex);
native bool UnitCanAttackTarget (unit inUnit, unit inTarget);

Unit experience[edit | edit source]

native fixed UnitXPTotal (unit inUnit);
native int UnitLevel (unit inUnit);

Unit Costs[edit | edit source]

const int c_unitCostMinerals = 0;
const int c_unitCostVespene = 1;
const int c_unitCostTerrazine = 2;
const int c_unitCostCustomResource = 3;
const int c_unitCostSumMineralsVespene = 4;

native string UnitTypeFromString (string inString);
native text UnitTypeGetName (string inUnitType);
native fixed UnitTypeGetProperty (string inUnitType, int inProp);
native int UnitTypeGetCost (string inUnitType, int inCostType);
native bool UnitTypeTestFlag (string inUnitType, int inFlag);
native bool UnitTypeTestAttribute (string inUnitType, int inAttribute);
native bool UnitTypeIsAffectedByUpgrade (string inUnitType, string inUpgrade);

native void UnitTypeAnimationLoad (string inUnitType, string animPath);
native void UnitTypeAnimationUnload (string inUnitType, string animPath);

Unit events[edit | edit source]

Note: Use a null unit for "any unit" events

Damage fatal option[edit | edit source]

const int c_unitDamageEither = 0;
const int c_unitDamageFatal = 1;
const int c_unitDamageNonFatal = 2;

Damage type[edit | edit source]

const int c_unitDamageTypeAny = -1;
const int c_unitDamageTypeSpell = 0;
const int c_unitDamageTypeMelee = 1;
const int c_unitDamageTypeRanged = 2;
const int c_unitDamageTypeSplash = 3;

Inventory changes[edit | edit source]

const int c_unitInventoryChangeUses = 0;
const int c_unitInventoryChangeExhausts = 1;
const int c_unitInventoryChangeGains = 2;
const int c_unitInventoryChangeLoses = 3;
const int c_unitInventoryChangePicksUp = 4;
const int c_unitInventoryChangeDrops = 5;
const int c_unitInventoryChangeBuys = 6;
const int c_unitInventoryChangeSells = 7;
const int c_unitInventoryChangeGives = 8;
const int c_unitInventoryChangeReceives = 9;
const int c_unitInventoryChangeMoves = 10;

native void TriggerAddEventUnitCreated (trigger t, unitref u, string creatorAbil, string creatorBehavior);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitRemoved (trigger t, unitref u);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitDied (trigger t, unitref u);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitGainExperience (trigger t, unitref u);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitGainLevel (trigger t, unitref u);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitAcquiredTarget (trigger t, unitref u);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitStartedAttack (trigger t, unitref u);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitAttacked (trigger t, unitref u);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitAttributeChange (trigger t, unitref u);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitDamaged (trigger inTrigger, unitref inUnit, int inDamageType, int inDamageFatal, string inEffect);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitBecomesIdle (trigger t, unitref u, bool idle);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitInventoryChange (trigger t, unitref u, int inChangeType, unitref inItem);

native unit EventUnit ();
native unit EventUnitTarget ();

Responses[edit | edit source]

- c_unitEventCreated
native unit EventUnitCreatedUnit ();
native string EventUnitCreatedAbil ();
native string EventUnitCreatedBehavior ();

- c_unitEventDamaged
- c_unitEventDied
native fixed EventUnitDamageAmount ();
native unit EventUnitDamageSourceUnit ();
native int EventUnitDamageSourcePlayer ();
native point EventUnitDamageSourcePoint ();
native bool EventUnitDamageDeathCheck (int inType);
native string EventUnitDamageEffect ();

- c_unitEventGainExperience
- c_unitEventGainLevel
native string EventUnitBehavior ();
native fixed EventUnitXPDelta ();
native int EventUnitAttributePoints ();

- c_unitEventInventoryChange
native unit EventUnitInventoryItem ();
native int EventUnitInventoryItemContainer ();
native int EventUnitInventoryItemSlot ();
native point EventUnitInventoryItemTargetPoint ();
native unit EventUnitInventoryItemTargetUnit ();

Property change events[edit | edit source]

native void TriggerAddEventUnitProperty (trigger t, unitref u, int prop);

native int EventUnitProperty ();
native int EventUnitPropertyChangeInt ();
native fixed EventUnitPropertyChangeFixed ();

State events[edit | edit source]

region/range events - true = entered, false = exited
cargo events - true = loaded, false = unloaded
selection events - true = selected, false = deselected
highlight events - true = highlighted, false = unhighlighted

native void TriggerAddEventUnitRegion (trigger t, unitref u, region r, bool state);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitRange (trigger t, unitref u, unit fromUnit, fixed range, bool state);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitRangePoint (trigger t, unitref u, point p, fixed distance, bool state);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitCargo (trigger t, unitref u, bool state);

native region EventUnitRegion ();
native unit EventUnitCargo ();

Player events[edit | edit source]

Note: EventPlayer (defined in the Players section) is valid for these events

native void TriggerAddEventUnitSelected (trigger t, unitref u, int player, bool state);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitClick (trigger t, unitref u, int player);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitHighlight (trigger t, unitref u, int player, bool state);

Change Owner[edit | edit source]

native void TriggerAddEventUnitChangeOwner (trigger t, unitref u);
native int EventUnitOwnerOld ();
native int EventUnitOwnerNew ();

Order events[edit | edit source]

native void TriggerAddEventUnitOrder (trigger t, unitref u, abilcmd a);
native order EventUnitOrder ();

Ability events[edit | edit source]

const int c_unitAbilStageComplete = -6;
const int c_unitAbilStagePreempt = -5;
const int c_unitAbilStageCancel = -4;
const int c_unitAbilStageExecute = -3;
const int c_unitAbilStageQueue = -2;
const int c_unitAbilStageAll = -1;

native void TriggerAddEventUnitAbility (trigger t, unitref u, abilcmd a, int stage, bool includeSharedAbils);

native abilcmd EventUnitAbility ();
native int EventUnitAbilityStage ();
native point EventUnitTargetPoint ();
native unit EventUnitTargetUnit ();

Progress events[edit | edit source]

native void TriggerAddEventUnitArmMagazineProgress (trigger t, unitref u, int stage);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitConstructProgress (trigger t, unitref u, int stage);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitLearnProgress (trigger t, unitref u, int stage);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitResearchProgress (trigger t, unitref u, int stage);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitReviveProgress (trigger t, unitref u, int stage);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitSpecializeProgress (trigger t, unitref u, int stage);
native void TriggerAddEventUnitTrainProgress (trigger t, unitref u, int stage);

native string EventUnitProgressObjectType (); The type of object being trained/researched/etc
native unit EventUnitProgressUnit (); The unit being trained, if any

Powerup[edit | edit source]

native void TriggerAddEventUnitPowerup (trigger t, unitref u);
native unit EventUnitPowerupUnit ();

Revive[edit | edit source]

native void TriggerAddEventUnitRevive (trigger t, unitref u);


Unit Filters[edit | edit source]

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Construct a unitfilter based on bit flags corresponding to c_targetFilter<*> constants
Note: If the target flag is >= than 32, it should go in the second integer. For example:

UnitFilter (
(1 << c_targetFilterGround), Require ground
(1 << (c_targetFilterInvulnerable - 32)) Exclude invulnerable

native unitfilter UnitFilter (int inRequired1, int inRequired2, int inExcluded1, int inExcluded2);
native unitfilter UnitFilterStr (string filters);

Set/Get individual filter states by index[edit | edit source]

const int c_unitFilterAllowed = 0; Neither required nor excluded
const int c_unitFilterRequired = 1;
const int c_unitFilterExcluded = 2;

native void UnitFilterSetState (unitfilter inFilter, int inType, int inState);
native int UnitFilterGetState (unitfilter inFilter, int inType);
native bool UnitFilterMatch (unit inUnit, int inPlayer, unitfilter inFilter);


Unit Groups[edit | edit source]

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const int c_unitAllianceAny = 0; Any unit
const int c_unitAllianceAlly = 1; Units owned by allied players
const int c_unitAllianceEnemy = 2; Units owned by enemy players
const int c_unitAllianceAllyExcludeSelf = 3; Units owned by allied players not owned by player
const int c_unitAllianceAnyExcludeSelf = 4; Any unit not owned by player

const int c_noMaxCount = 0;

native unitgroup UnitGroupEmpty ();
native unitgroup UnitGroupCopy (unitgroup inGroup);
native unitgroup UnitGroupFromId (int id);
native unitgroup UnitGroup (string type, int player, region r, unitfilter filter, int maxCount);
native unitgroup UnitGroupAlliance (int player, int alliance, region r, unitfilter filter, int maxCount);
native unitgroup UnitGroupFilter (string type, int player, unitgroup g, unitfilter filter, int maxCount);
native unitgroup UnitGroupFilterAlliance (unitgroup g, int player, int alliance, int maxCount);
native unitgroup UnitGroupFilterPlane (unitgroup g, int plane, int maxCount);
native unitgroup UnitGroupFilterPlayer (unitgroup g, int player, int maxCount);
native unitgroup UnitGroupFilterRegion (unitgroup g, region r, int maxCount);
native unitgroup UnitGroupFilterThreat (unitgroup g, unit u, string alternateType, int maxCount);
native unitgroup UnitGroupIdle (int player, bool workerOnly);

native point UnitGroupCenterOfGroup (unitgroup g);
native unit UnitGroupClosestToPoint (unitgroup g, point p);

native void UnitGroupClear (unitgroup inGroup);
native void UnitGroupAdd (unitgroup inGroup, unit inUnit);
native void UnitGroupAddUnitGroup (unitgroup inGroup, unitgroup addUnitGroup);
native void UnitGroupRemove (unitgroup inGroup, unit inUnit);
native void UnitGroupRemoveUnitGroup (unitgroup inGroup, unitgroup removeUnitGroup);

native bool UnitGroupIssueOrder (unitgroup inGroup, order inOrder, int inQueueType);
native void UnitGroupWaitUntilIdle (unitgroup inGroup, int inCount, bool inIdle);

const int c_unitCountAll = 0;
const int c_unitCountAlive = 1;
const int c_unitCountDead = 2;

native int UnitGroupCount (unitgroup inGroup, int inType);
native unit UnitGroupUnit (unitgroup inGroup, int inIndex); index is one-based
native unit UnitGroupRandomUnit (unitgroup inGroup, int inType);
native bool UnitGroupHasUnit (unitgroup inGroup, unit inUnit);
native bool UnitGroupTestPlane (unitgroup inGroup, int inPlane);
native unit UnitGroupNearestUnit (unitgroup inGroup, point inPoint);


Unit Reference[edit | edit source]

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- A unitref may refer to a unit explicitly or through a unit variable
native unitref UnitRefFromUnit (unit u);
native unitref UnitRefFromVariable (string v);

native unit UnitRefToUnit (unitref r);


Unit Selection[edit | edit source]

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- UnitSelect and UnitGroupSelect set the local selection state,
which must be then transmitted across the network.

However, UnitIsSelected and UnitGroupSelected query the synchronous selection state,
which means that if you set the selection, then immediately query it, the results will
not match.

- Unit selection state cannot be set during map initialization events.

native void UnitSelect (unit inUnit, int inPlayer, bool inSelect);
native void UnitGroupSelect (unitgroup inGroup, int inPlayer, bool inSelect);
native void UnitClearSelection (int inPlayer);

native bool UnitIsSelected (unit inUnit, int inPlayer);
native unitgroup UnitGroupSelected (int inPlayer);

native void UnitFlashSelection (unit inUnit, fixed inPeriod);

Control groups[edit | edit source]

native void UnitControlGroupAddUnit (int inPlayer, int inGroup, unit inUnit);
native void UnitControlGroupAddUnits (int inPlayer, int inGroup, unitgroup inUnits);
native void UnitControlGroupRemoveUnit (int inPlayer, int inGroup, unit inUnit);
native void UnitControlGroupRemoveUnits (int inPlayer, int inGroup, unitgroup inUnits);
native void UnitControlGroupClear (int inPlayer, int inGroup);


User Interface[edit | edit source]

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const fixed c_transitionDurationImmediate = 0.0;
const fixed c_transitionDurationDefault = -1.0;

const int c_messageAreaAll = 0;
const int c_messageAreaChat = 1;
const int c_messageAreaObjective = 2;
const int c_messageAreaDirective = 3;
const int c_messageAreaError = 4;
const int c_messageAreaSubtitle = 5;
const int c_messageAreaCinematic = 6;
const int c_messageAreaDebug = 7;
const int c_messageAreaWarning = 8;
const int c_messageAreaCheat = 9;

const int c_uiModeFullscreen = 0;
const int c_uiModeLetterboxed = 1;
const int c_uiModeConsole = 2;

const int c_mouseButtonNone = 0;
const int c_mouseButtonLeft = 1;
const int c_mouseButtonMiddle = 2;
const int c_mouseButtonRight = 3;
const int c_mouseButtonXButton1 = 4;
const int c_mouseButtonXButton2 = 5;

const int c_scaleNormal = 0;
const int c_scaleAspect = 1;
const int c_scaleStretch = 2;

const int c_keyNone = -1;
const int c_keyShift = 0;
const int c_keyControl = 1;
const int c_keyAlt = 2;
const int c_key0 = 3;
const int c_key1 = 4;
const int c_key2 = 5;
const int c_key3 = 6;
const int c_key4 = 7;
const int c_key5 = 8;
const int c_key6 = 9;
const int c_key7 = 10;
const int c_key8 = 11;
const int c_key9 = 12;
const int c_keyA = 13;
const int c_keyB = 14;
const int c_keyC = 15;
const int c_keyD = 16;
const int c_keyE = 17;
const int c_keyF = 18;
const int c_keyG = 19;
const int c_keyH = 20;
const int c_keyI = 21;
const int c_keyJ = 22;
const int c_keyK = 23;
const int c_keyL = 24;
const int c_keyM = 25;
const int c_keyN = 26;
const int c_keyO = 27;
const int c_keyP = 28;
const int c_keyQ = 29;
const int c_keyR = 30;
const int c_keyS = 31;
const int c_keyT = 32;
const int c_keyU = 33;
const int c_keyV = 34;
const int c_keyW = 35;
const int c_keyX = 36;
const int c_keyY = 37;
const int c_keyZ = 38;
const int c_keySpace = 39;
const int c_keyGrave = 40;
const int c_keyNumPad0 = 41;
const int c_keyNumPad1 = 42;
const int c_keyNumPad2 = 43;
const int c_keyNumPad3 = 44;
const int c_keyNumPad4 = 45;
const int c_keyNumPad5 = 46;
const int c_keyNumPad6 = 47;
const int c_keyNumPad7 = 48;
const int c_keyNumPad8 = 49;
const int c_keyNumPad9 = 50;
const int c_keyNumPadPlus = 51;
const int c_keyNumPadMinus = 52;
const int c_keyNumPadMultiply = 53;
const int c_keyNumPadDivide = 54;
const int c_keyNumPadDecimal = 55;
const int c_keyEquals = 56;
const int c_keyMinus = 57;
const int c_keyBracketOpen = 58;
const int c_keyBracketClose = 59;
const int c_keyBackSlash = 60;
const int c_keySemiColon = 61;
const int c_keyApostrophe = 62;
const int c_keyComma = 63;
const int c_keyPeriod = 64;
const int c_keySlash = 65;
const int c_keyEscape = 66;
const int c_keyEnter = 67;
const int c_keyBackSpace = 68;
const int c_keyTab = 69;
const int c_keyLeft = 70;
const int c_keyUp = 71;
const int c_keyRight = 72;
const int c_keyDown = 73;
const int c_keyInsert = 74;
const int c_keyDelete = 75;
const int c_keyHome = 76;
const int c_keyEnd = 77;
const int c_keyPageUp = 78;
const int c_keyPageDown = 79;
const int c_keyCapsLock = 80;
const int c_keyNumLock = 81;
const int c_keyScrollLock = 82;
const int c_keyPause = 83;
const int c_keyPrintScreen = 84;
const int c_keyNextTrack = 85;
const int c_keyPrevTrack = 86;
const int c_keyF1 = 87;
const int c_keyF2 = 88;
const int c_keyF3 = 89;
const int c_keyF4 = 90;
const int c_keyF5 = 91;
const int c_keyF6 = 92;
const int c_keyF7 = 93;
const int c_keyF8 = 94;
const int c_keyF9 = 95;
const int c_keyF10 = 96;
const int c_keyF11 = 97;
const int c_keyF12 = 98;

const int c_keyModifierStateIgnore = 0;
const int c_keyModifierStateRequire = 1;
const int c_keyModifierStateExclude = 2;

Types of custom dialogs[edit | edit source]

const int c_customDialogTypeMessage = 0;
const int c_customDialogTypeQuery = 1;

Results of custom dialogs[edit | edit source]

const int c_customDialogResultAny = 0;
const int c_customDialogResultYes = 1;
const int c_customDialogResultNo = 2;

Frames that can be synchronously shown / hidden[edit | edit source]

const int c_syncFrameTypeFirst = 0;

const int c_syncFrameTypeMenuBar = 0;
const int c_syncFrameTypeCashPanel = 1;
const int c_syncFrameTypeTipAlertPanel = 2;
const int c_syncFrameTypeObjectivePanel = 3;
const int c_syncFrameTypeCharacterSheetButton = 4;
const int c_syncFrameTypeSupply = 5;
const int c_syncFrameTypeResourcePanel = 6;
const int c_syncFrameTypeRoomPanel = 7;
const int c_syncFrameTypePlanetPanel = 8;
const int c_syncFrameTypeMercenaryPanel = 9;
const int c_syncFrameTypeResearchPanel = 10;
const int c_syncFrameTypePurchasePanel = 11;
const int c_syncFrameTypeVictoryPanel = 12;
const int c_syncFrameTypeBattleReportPanel = 13;
const int c_syncFrameTypeAlertPanel = 14;
const int c_syncFrameTypeHeroPanel = 15;
const int c_syncFrameTypeErrorDisplayPanel = 16;
const int c_syncFrameTypeCreditsPanel = 17;
const int c_syncFrameTypeTechTreePanel = 18;
const int c_syncFrameTypeTechGlossaryPanel = 19;
const int c_syncFrameTypeBattleUI = 20;
const int c_syncFrameTypeMinimapPanel = 21;
const int c_syncFrameTypeCommandPanel = 22;
const int c_syncFrameTypeInventoryPanel = 23;
const int c_syncFrameTypeAllianceButton = 24;
const int c_syncFrameTypeTeamResourceButton = 25;
const int c_syncFrameTypeAchievementMenuButton = 26;
const int c_syncFrameTypeHelpMenuButton = 27;
const int c_syncFrameTypeMissionTimePanel = 28;
const int c_syncFrameTypeControlGroupPanel = 29;
const int c_syncFrameTypeInfoPanel = 30;
const int c_syncFrameTypeConsolePanel = 31;
const int c_syncFrameTypeIdleWorkerButton = 32;
const int c_syncFrameTypePylonButton = 33;

This should always be equivalent to the highest value in the syncFrameType list above
const int c_syncFrameTypeLast = 33;

Game Menu Dialog Items[edit | edit source]

const int c_gameMenuDialogItemAny = -1;

Buttons that can be renamed[edit | edit source]

const int c_gameMenuDialogAbortButton = 0;
const int c_gameMenuDialogGenericButton1 = 1;
const int c_gameMenuDialogGenericButton2 = 2;
const int c_gameMenuDialogGenericButton3 = 3;
const int c_gameMenuDialogGenericButton4 = 4;
const int c_gameMenuDialogGenericButton5 = 5;
const int c_gameMenuDialogGenericButton6 = 6;
const int c_gameMenuDialogGenericButton7 = 7;
const int c_gameMenuDialogGenericButton8 = 8;
const int c_gameMenuDialogGenericButton9 = 9;
const int c_gameMenuDialogGenericButton10 = 10;

Buttons that cannot be renamed[edit | edit source]

const int c_gameMenuDialogOptionsButton = 11;
const int c_gameMenuDIalogHotkeysButton = 12;
const int c_gameMenuDialogLoadButton = 13;
const int c_gameMenuDialogSaveButton = 14;
const int c_gameMenuDialogPauseButton = 15;
const int c_gameMenuDialogRestartButton = 16;
const int c_gameMenuDialogReturnToGameplayButton = 17;
const int c_gameMenuDialogRestartDifficultyPulldown = 18;
const int c_gameMenuDialogQuitButton = 19;

UI command allowables[edit | edit source]

const int c_uiCommandAllowButtons = 0;
const int c_uiCommandAllowHotkeys = 1;
const int c_uiCommandAllowSmartClick = 2;
const int c_uiCommandAllowModifiers = 3;
const int c_uiCommandAllowInfoPanel = 4;
const int c_uiCommandAllowMinimap = 5;
const int c_uiCommandAllowPings = 6;

Local Selection Types[edit | edit source]

const int c_localSelectionTypeUnknown = -1;
const int c_localSelectionTypeControlGroup = 0;
const int c_localSelectionTypeIdleButton = 1;
const int c_localSelectionTypePylonButton = 2;
const int c_localSelectionTypeSelectLarva = 3;
const int c_localSelectionTypeSelectBuilder = 4;
const int c_localSelectionTypeAlert = 5;
const int c_localSelectionTypeHeroPanel = 6;
const int c_localSelectionTypeInfoPanel = 7;
const int c_localSelectionTypeWorldPanel = 8;

Links to nydus web pages[edit | edit source]

const int c_nydusLinkBreakingNews = 0;
const int c_nydusLinkAccountManagement = 1;
const int c_nydusLinkAccountPurchase = 2;
const int c_nydusLinkAccountTrialUpgrade = 3;
const int c_nydusLinkAccountNew = 4;
const int c_nydusLinkAccountTrial = 5;
const int c_nydusLinkSecurityPassword = 6;
const int c_nydusLinkForum = 7;
const int c_nydusLinkCommunity = 8;
const int c_nydusLinkFeedHomepage = 9;
const int c_nydusLinkFeedCommunity = 10;
const int c_nydusLinkStore = 11;
const int c_nydusLinkSecurityHelp = 12;
const int c_nydusLinkSupport = 13;
const int c_nydusLinkOnlineGuide = 14;
const int c_nydusLinkCopyright = 15;

native void UISetMode (playergroup players, int mode, fixed duration);
native void UISetWorldVisible (playergroup players, bool isVisible);
native void UISetCursorVisible (playergroup players, bool isCursorVisible);
native void UISetCursorAutoHide (playergroup players, bool autoHide, fixed delay);

native void UIDisplayMessage (playergroup players, int messageArea, text messageText);
native void UIClearMessages (playergroup players, int messageArea);

native void UIShowCinematicText (playergroup inPlayers, text inMessageText, fixed inTimeBetweenCharacters, fixed inMaxTime, soundlink inSoundLink);
native void UIHideCinematicText (playergroup inPlayers);

native void UIShowTextCrawl (playergroup inPlayers, text inTitle, text inText, fixed inMaxTime, soundlink inBirthSoundLink, soundlink inTypeSoundLink);
native void UIHideTextCrawl (playergroup inPlayers);

native void UIUnitColorStyleOverride (playergroup inPlayers, int style);
native void UIUnitColorStyleClearOverride (playergroup inPlayers);

native void UIFlyerHelperOverride (playergroup inPlayers, int display);
native void UIFlyerHelperClearOverride (playergroup inPlayers);

native void UIStatusBarOverride (playergroup inPlayers, int group);
native void UIStatusBarClearOverride (playergroup inPlayers);

native void UISetNextLoadingScreen (string imagePath, text title, text subtitle, text body, text help, bool waitForInput);
native void UISetNextLoadingScreenImageScale (int imageScale);
native void UISetNextLoadingScreenTextPosition (int anchor, int offsetX, int offsetY, int width, int height);

native void UISetRestartLoadingScreen (text help);

Alerts (message display and recall via spacebar to a given point or unit)
- icon may be null for the default icon

native void UIAlert (string alert, int player, text message, string icon);
native void UIAlertPoint (string alert, int player, text message, string icon, point p);
native void UIAlertUnit (string alert, int player, text message, string icon, unit u);
native void UIAlertClear (int player);
native void UISetAlertTypeVisible (playergroup inPlayers, string inAlert, bool inVisible);

native void UISetFrameVisible (playergroup inPlayers, int inFrameType, bool inVisible);
native bool UIFrameVisible (int inPlayer, int inFrameType);

native void UISetGameMenuItemVisible (playergroup inPlayers, int inMenuItemType, bool inVisible);
native bool UIGameMenuItemVisible (int inPlayer, int inMenuItemType);
native void UISetGameMenuItemText (playergroup inPlayers, int inMenuItemType, text inText);

native void UIClearCustomMenuItemList (playergroup inPlayers);
native void UISetCustomMenuItemVisible (playergroup inPlayers, int inMenuItemType, bool inVisible);
native bool UICustomMenuItemVisible (int inPlayer, int inMenuItemType);
native void UISetCustomMenuItemText (playergroup inPlayers, int inMenuItemType, text inText);
native void UIShowCustomMenu (playergroup inPlayers, text inTitleText);

native void UIShowCustomDialog (playergroup inPlayers, int inType, text inTitle, text inText, bool pause);

native void UISetResourceTradeCountdownTime (int time);
native void UISetResourceTradingAllowed (int inResourceType, bool inAllowed);
native void UISetResourceTradingMinorStep (int inResourceType, int inAmount);
native void UISetResourceTradingMajorStep (int inResourceType, int inAmount);

native void UISetButtonHighlighted (playergroup inPlayers, abilcmd inAbilCmd, bool inHighlight);
native void UISetButtonFaceHighlighted (playergroup inPlayers, string face, bool inHighlight);

native void UISetMiniMapBackGroundColor (color inColor);
native void UISetMiniMapCameraFoVVisible (bool visible);

native void UISetCommandAllowed (playergroup players, int option, bool allow);
native void UISetCommandDisallowedMessage (playergroup players, text message);

native void UISetDragSelectEnabled (playergroup players, bool enable);

native void UISetChallengeMode (playergroup players, bool challengeMode); Blizzard maps only
native void UISetChallengeScoreText (playergroup players, string challengeId, text scoreText); Blizzard maps only
native void UISetChallengeHighScore (playergroup players, string challengeName, int highScore); Blizzard maps only
native int UIGetChallengeHighScore (int player, string challengeName); Blizzard maps only
native void UISetChallengeCompleted (playergroup players, string challengeName, bool completed); Blizzard maps only

native void UISetBattleNetButtonOffset (playergroup inPlayers, int inOffsetX, int inOffsetY);
native void UIClearBattleNetButtonOffset (playergroup inPlayers);

native void UISetResourceVisible (playergroup inPlayers, int inResource, bool inVisible);

native void UISetSelectionTypeEnabled (playergroup inPlayers, int inSelectionType, bool inEnabled);

native void UILaunchNydusLink (playergroup inPlayers, int inNydusLink);

User Interface events[edit | edit source]

native void TriggerAddEventAbortMission (trigger t, int player);
native void TriggerAddEventCustomDialogDismissed (trigger t, int player, int result);
native void TriggerAddEventGameMenuItemSelected (trigger t, int player, int gameMenuIndex);
native void TriggerAddEventMouseClicked (trigger t, int player, int mouseButton, bool down);
native void TriggerAddEventMouseMoved (trigger t, int player);
native void TriggerAddEventKeyPressed (trigger t, int player, int key, bool down, int s, int c, int a);
native void TriggerAddEventButtonPressed (trigger t, int player, string button);
native void TriggerAddEventGameCreditsFinished (trigger t, int player);

native int EventCustomDialogResult ();
native int EventGameMenuItemSelected ();

native int EventMouseClickedButton ();
native int EventMouseClickedPosXUI ();
native int EventMouseClickedPosYUI ();
native fixed EventMouseClickedPosXWorld ();
native fixed EventMouseClickedPosYWorld ();
native fixed EventMouseClickedPosZWorld ();

native int EventMouseMovedPosXUI ();
native int EventMouseMovedPosYUI ();
native fixed EventMouseMovedPosXWorld ();
native fixed EventMouseMovedPosYWorld ();
native fixed EventMouseMovedPosZWorld ();

native int EventKeyPressed ();
native bool EventKeyShift ();
native bool EventKeyControl ();
native bool EventKeyAlt ();

native string EventButtonPressed ();


Visibility[edit | edit source]

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const int c_visTypeMask = 0;
const int c_visTypeFog = 1;

native void VisEnable (int visType, bool enable);
native bool VisIsEnabled (int visType);

native void VisExploreArea (int player, region area, bool explored, bool checkCliffLevel);
native void VisRevealArea (int player, region area, fixed duration, bool checkCliffLevel); Zero duration means permanent

native revealer VisRevealerCreate (int player, region area);
native revealer VisRevealerLastCreated ();
native void VisRevealerDestroy (revealer r);
native void VisRevealerEnable (revealer r, bool enable);
native void VisRevealerUpdate (revealer r); Update revealer after region has changed

include "TriggerLibs/AI"
include "TriggerLibs/CampaignAI"
include "TriggerLibs/MeleeAI"
include "TriggerLibs/TacticalAI"

$AS - Trigger Editor(Bug 33070): In order for line numbers to be correct you need a newline at the end of this file