Triggers/Actions/Set Minimum Bully Count

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AI Actions[edit | edit source]

Set Minimum Bully Count[edit | edit source]

GUI[edit | edit source]

AI - Set the minimum count of player player unitType bullies to count (the AI always maintains this many bullies regardless of rebuild counts)

Galaxy Code[edit | edit source]

void AISetMinimumBullyCount ( int count, gamelink unitType, int player )

Description[edit | edit source]

Sets the minimum number of bullies an AI player should maintain regardless of rebuild counts.

Parameters[edit | edit source]

  • int count
    • Name: Count
    • Limits:0,N
  • gamelink unitType
    • Name: unitType
    • GameType: Unit
  • int player
    • Name: Player
    • Limits: 0,15

Additional Information[edit | edit source]