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Triggers/Category Portrait

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Clear Portrait Animation

  • Action. Clears an animation on a portrait.

Destroy Portrait

  • Action. Destroys the specified portrait.

Destroy All Portraits

  • Action. Destroys all portraits.

Force Portrait Transition On/Off

  • Action. Forces the transition model of the portrait to on or off. Forcing it on will cause it to render until it is no longer forced on. If the instant parameter is set to false, the transition will play it's birth (on) or death (off) animation.

Play Portrait Animation

  • Action. Tells a portrait to play an animation.

Turn Portrait Background On/Off

  • Action. Turns a portrait's background on or off.

Set Portrait Border Texture

  • Action. Sets the border texture for a portrait.

Turn Portrait Border On/Off

  • Action. Turns a portrait's border on or off.

Set Portrait Camera

  • Action. Sets the portrait camera using string values.

Set Portrait Channel

  • Action. Sets the render-to-texture channel for the specified portrait, which determines where the portrait textures can appear in the game.

Turn Portrait Fullscreen On/Off

  • Action. Turns a portrait's fullscreen on or off.

Set Portrait Light

  • Action. Sets the light for a portrait.

Set Portrait Model

  • Action. Sets the model for a portrait.

Set Portrait Model And Play Animation

  • Action. Sets the model for a portrait and plays an animation on it.

Set Portrait Mouse Target

  • Action. Sets whether the portrait is a valid mouse target or not. If the portrait is not a valid mouse target, mouse clicks will go through the portrait.

Mute/Unmute Portrait

  • Action. Mutes or unmutes the portrait.

Turn Portrait Offscreen On/Off

  • Action. Sets whether or not the specified portrait is rendered offscreen.

Pause/Unpause Portrait

  • Action. Pauses or unpauses the animation in the specified portrait.

Set Portrait Position

  • Action. Sets a portrait's position on the screen.

Set Portrait Render Type

  • Action. Sets the render type of the portrait to determine during which pass of the UI it should be rendered.

Set Portrait Size

  • Action. Sets the size of a portrait.

Set Portrait Team Color

  • Action. Set the team color of the specified portrait.

Set Portrait Tint Color

  • Action. Set the tint color of the specified portrait.

Set Portrait Transition Model

  • Action. Sets a portrait's transistion model.

Turn Portrait Transition On/Off

  • Action. Turns a portrait's transition to on or off.

Wait For Portrait To Load

  • Action. Waits until the specified portrait is finished loading. This may be necessary before some operations may be applied to the portrait.


Create Portrait

  • Action. Creates a portrait on the screen.

Last Created Portrait

  • Function. Returns the last created portrait.

Show/Hide Portrait

  • Action. Shows or hides the specified portrait for the specified player group.

Portrait Is Visible

  • Function. Returns true if the specified portrait is visible for the specified player.

Useful Portraits

Cinematic Portrait

  • Function. Returns the cinematic portrait at the specified position.

Fullscreen Portrait

  • Function. Returns the fullscreen portrait.

Game Portrait

  • Function. Returns the game portrait.

Planet Panel Portrait

  • Function. Returns the planet panel portrait.