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Triggers/Category String

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Combine Strings

  • Function. Combines two strings together.

Combine Strings Multiple

  • Function. Combines multiple strings together. Very useful when returning multiple string variables.

Combine Text

  • Function. Combines two text strings together.

Combine Text Multiple

  • Function. Combines multiple text entries together. Useful for combining text variables.


String Comparison

  • Function. Returns true if the two strings are the same.

String Length

  • Function. Returns the number of characters within a string.


Convert String Case

  • Function. Converts a string to upper case or lower case.

Convert Game Text

  • Function. Look up the game string value for the specified string path.

Convert Text Case

  • Function. Converts text to upper case or lower case.

Convert Time To Text

  • Function. Convert a time value, in seconds, to text using one of various formats

Text With Color

  • Function. Encloses the text with a color formatting tag so it will use the given color.


String Containment

  • Function. Checks if a string can be found within another string and returns true if present and false if not present.

Position Of Substring

  • Function. Searches for a substring within a string and returns the numerical position of the substring within the string.

String With Indexed Replacement

  • Function. Replaces all characters that exist between two other characters in the string.

String With Search Replacement

  • Function. Replaces one or more occcurrences of a substring inside a string.


  • Function. Returns a substring that is defined by a starting and ending point in the original string.

Word Of String

  • Function. Returns the indexed word from a string. Words are considered to be separated by whitespace. Returns "No String" if the requested index is beyond the number of words in the given string.

Text With Search Replacement

  • Function. Replaces one or more occcurrences of a substring inside text.