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Triggers/Category Visibility

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Show/Hide Placement Models

  • Action. Shows or hides unit placement models.

Enable/Disable Visibility

  • Action. Enables/Disables the specified visibility type.

Explore/Unexplore Area

  • Action. Sets the specified region for the specified player to explored or unexplored.

Visibility Is Enabled

  • Function. Returns true if the visibilty type for the game matches the type specified.

Reveal Area

  • Action. Reveals the specified region for the specified duration of time.


Create Revealer

  • Action. Creates a revealer that covers the region specified, for the player specified. Use the "Last Created Revealer" function to refer to this revealer.

Destroy Revealer

  • Action. Destroys the specified revealer.

Enable/Disable Revealer

  • Action. Enables/Disables the specified revealer but does not destroy it.

Last Created Revealer

  • Function. Returns the last revealer created via a "Create Revealer" action.

Update Revealer

  • Action. Updates the revealer after a region has been moved or changed.