Triggers/Events/Key Pressed

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UI-Input[edit | edit source]

Key Pressed[edit | edit source]

GUI[edit | edit source]

UI - Player player presses key key down|up/down with shift s2|Enabled, control c2|Enabled, alt a2|Enabled

Galaxy Code[edit | edit source]

void TriggerAddEventKeyPressed (trigger t,int player,int key,bool down,int s,int c,int a)

Description[edit | edit source]

Only register for this event when you absolutely need it, as it will generate network traffic from all players for every button they press. This event fires when a player presses the specified key. Use "Key Pressed" to get the key that was pressed. Use "Alt Key Pressed", "Control Key Pressed", and "Shift Key Pressed" to find out what modifier keys were pressed.

Parameters[edit | edit source]