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Tutorials/Tower Defense/

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A in-depth guide on making Tower Defense maps. There is whole variety of Tower Defense maps that can be made which can range from solo to team games even to the way the fundamental design has many modes from building a maze that will play an important factor for creep kills to a tug of war style or even both. Typical tower defense map have a maze built in the very landscape of the map with a begging and a end and is based around kills and every missed unit kill will result in losing a life and once X amount of life is loss then it game over. Not every Tower Defense maps works like this, more complex Tower Defense maps work on the Main tower destruction resulting in a game over. As you can see Tower Defense games can take many forms.

Wiki Tutorials

Basics of Point Arrays


Terrain Editor

Ui-editoricon-general terrain.png


The basic Terrain design for a TD map can take many forms and in simplistic terms it consists of a natural terrain maze that has a Start and a Finish.

Trigger Editor

Ui-editoricon-general triggers.png


Data Editor